Live from Auschwitz Oświęcim Poland - ONE LOVE Meditation and Teddy Bear for the Children of Ukraine

March 6, 2022

Peace Ambassadors, Fr. James Francis Twyman and Nina Meyerhof of Children of the Earth/One Humanity Institute flew to Poland to meet with Ukranian Refugees,  to host ONE LOVE SYNCHRONIZED MEDITATION and launch the Teddy Bear Campaign.  We are grateful to our guests Svetlana and Iryna Kudryashova and Alexandr Illchuk who spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian people.  Nina Meyerhof introduces her team on the ground and speaks to us about th Teddy Bear Campaign.  Dot Maver, Global Silent Minute leads us in the ONE LOVE meditation. Our friends from Japan offer the Divine Spark IN Mudra with the intention to move us from a Culture of War to a Culture of Peace. This extraordinary program took place on March 5th, 2022. May Peace Prevail On Earth.

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