The Joy of Touching

April 14, 2013

Project Name: The Joy of Touching
Implementation Period: 10-01-2012 to 30-12-2012 
Scool  Name: Middle School Nicolae Iorga Baia Mare
Coordinator: Dr. Rodica Silvia Pop
Target group: 150 blind or visually impaired students  and 150 sighted students
Locations: Baia Mare, Romania

3 staff and 10 volunteers
Equipment: Printer, laptop, computer, digital camera, stationary
Support & Outside Services: travel and accommodation
Manufacturing: typing braille education materials

Project Goals

  • The project main goal is to make culture accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. through movement, gestures and feelings, improving creativity and broadening the vision upon the beauty this world has to offer to each and every one of us.
  • To develop a strong social integration and cohesion of the target the community showing what tolerance and respect for each person means and offering equal opportunities to everybody.
  • To develop new cultural policy by changing  mentalities, providing support for cultural dialogue of all categories focused on personal development of blind people.

Activities for 500 blind people.

  • Tactile tours in The Museum of Baia Mare
  • A performence Gala in the Theatre 
  • Printings in Braille for the Blind High School.


  • Blind High School Cluj Napoca
  • Maramures County Museum of History and Archeology Baia Mare
  • The Dramatic Theatre of Baia Mare City

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