International Day of Peace in Pakistan

September 22, 2013

Every year the Organization for Peace and Development (OPD) observes the International Day of Peace with the students and teachers of Friends Public School in Youhanabad Lahore. Mr. Jahangir Piara, Executive Director OPD, Mr. Nisar Johnson Consultant NGO’s, and Mr. Ashraf Rehmat Principal Friends Public Students spoke about the importance of peace and social harmony.

Mr. Jahangir Piara further said that peace is very much needed at present and we all have to play an important role to foster and promote peace and human values around us. He also mentioned that we support all the initiatives taken by UNO for the promotion of peace and the dignity of mankind around the world. At the end he thanked Mr. Ashraf Rehmat for providing an opportunity to observe the International Day of Peace with their students and teachers.

Let’s grow in Peace and Harmony, May Peace Prevail On Earth, May Peace Prevail in Syria, May Peace Prevail in Pakistan.

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