House of Hope- Transitional Homes for Ukrainians

March 11, 2022


A few words from Nina

We have moved on from our Teddy Bear campaign to transitional housing.  While visiting the registration centre, train stations and shelters we have seen the great need for housing.  People are sleeping on the floors in crowded situations and there are only so many homes that the Polish people have been able to open up and offer.  With 1.2 million people fleeing to Poland, housing is a crisis.

Please support our efforts to be able to provide longer-term transitional housing for Ukrainian families. Our hope is to provide safe housing where people can heal, feel supported and give back to the community. Each apartment will cost close to 10,000.00 in addition to the co-working space where the group can gather to work and watch each other's children while doing so. For more details, please check out our website at


House to renovate FOR apartments for 25 or more refugees in Auschwitz - oswiecim
600 Bears just arrived
group of kids with bears
Domen dressed as bear to cheer children up
People in shelters and processing
Nina with families and teddy bears
child with teddy bear
child with teddy bear
Translation machines for teachers

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