Happy International Women's Day from the UAE

March 8, 2013

by Simran Vedvyas, COE Chapter Leader UAE
I share some parts of the press release from WAY Secretariat and UN:
Brigham Young - "You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman- you educate a generation."
Women, are the backbone of a new generation, must be treated with respect and love. Without their existence, the world will be dull due to the absence of their devotion and compassion.Virginia Wolf was once quoted as saying - “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." This explains the story of a successful man in which a woman is often considered the hidden figure behind all of his hard work. This expression greatly describes the value of compassion, loyalty and adherence which is expressed by women around the world.
However, women-endowments do not stop at the extent of their family. In modern life today, especially in developed countries, many women have been making substantial achievements in educational, economic, social and political aspects leading their contributions to be acknowledged and appreciated equally to that of men. Sadly, such equal privileges are not enjoyed by every woman in the world, especially in less developed countries where gender-imparity is highly practiced.
Realizing the exceptional role that a woman plays and all the injustices encountered, the 8th of March has been marked as a day of celebration for women around the world. Every year, on this day, the greatest gratitude is openly shown to denote endless appreciation toward every woman of the world regardless of her ethnic, cultural, linguistic, economic or even political backgrounds but many efforts still lack accomplishment towards a tolerant and cohesive society which appreciates the role of women.
Thus, this year, a full devotion is awarded to honor countless struggles encountered by women against gender injustice which typically leads to gender based violence. United Nations chose the theme of International Women’s Day this year to be:

A promise is a promise - Time for action to end violence against women.

The greatest aspiration is that every young person, especially young men, ought to cease their misperception of gender-stereotyping, which is often a root-cause of gender-based inequality and violence. After all, every young person has that one particular woman who is the closest to their heart. So, before any violent action is shown to a woman, remember that she is also a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, or a teacher whom someone deeply adores and cares about. Thus, let us all join forces against gender based violence, in commemoration of the women we adore.


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