Green Hope's Marine Biodiversity Conservation Campaign

February 21, 2013

Our marine biodiversity is under threat from several factors such as encroachment, waste and a general lack of awareness. Marine biodiversity forms a very important part of our ecosystem and its conservation is key for maintaining ecological balance. The mangrove belts of our country are full of rich biodiversity and house several species. However, these mangroves greatest enemy is algae. This green, mucous like substance is a silent killer and in the hot and humid environment grows rapidly to choke and kill the mangroves.

Green Hope UAE is a youth environmental organization founded by Kehkashan Basu, leader of the COE UAE Hub, on her return from Rio+20, to spread the Rio legacy and build a youth movement for sustainability and a green economy.

Green Hope UAE members therefore decided to launch a campaign to clean the mangroves and also the associated beaches so that the species which live off them could survive. Notable amongst these are the endangered Hawksbill turtles which would soon come overland to lay their eggs and if their nesting beaches are unclean they wouldn’t lay their eggs.

It was backbreaking work as we bent and scoured the slimy algae from the mangrove beds. Over several hours we cleaned the beach and also the mangroves of the algae.

The huge algae dump was a testimony of the work put in by the GREEN HOPE members . The algae, once dried, is an excellent oil absorber and will be used to soak up any oil spills, should they occur.

GREEN HOPE UAE is committed to the cause of a sustainable world and thanks its members for their green ethos.

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