Green Hope UAE Desert Cleanup

March 29, 2013

The deserts of our country support a very fragile ecosystem of life. The deserts are very popular camping grounds for tourists and residents alike. Sadly, some do not carry their litter back with them and our pristine desert environment gets polluted with all kinds of rubbish – barbecue pits, broken bottles, cloth, plastics of all kinds, metal rods, broken chairs and more.

Dubai Municipality recently organized a campaign to clean up the desert and GREEN HOPE UAE took part in it. Our members spread out across the desert sands and under the scorching sun, scoured the desert for rubbish of all kinds. It was very, very hot but since we were working for our future, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The barbecue pits were the most difficult to clear and we spent hours using sieves to remove the charcoal, wood, glass and metal from the sand. In the end  we collected a huge pile of litter and left this portion of the desert clean .

We, GREEN HOPE UAE, members believe that the future is ours and together we can and we will make a difference.

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