Gandhi’s Home

April 9, 2012

Our visit to Gandhi's home of refuge and prayer was unexpected as Diane (Diane de Terra) and I wandered through the city. The museum told Gandhi's story through a series of questions and photos. But it was sitting in his little room where he and his wife spent their days that the energy of PEACE prevailed within our hearts and left us speechless. The quietude was filled with magical rain of deep peace that seemed to be sanctioned from Gandhi's own presence. We then also went to the place along the river where he prayed daily---once in the morning and once in the evening. Again the air was filled with an unusual sense of peace beyond the hubbub of India's noises, smells and demands. Children filled the arena and we all prayed together with Gandhi-ji and his wife Kastorba. Many Blessings rained upon us.

By Nina Meyerhof

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