Eagle Ministries Orphans

November 15, 2016

Greetings Sister Nina Meyerhof

We are sharing the orphans story with you. We are working for orphans from 2012 but we are just supporting them for their education at this time we have not  resources to support them for each and every need of life. Me and our team supporting together for their education.

Sister we have 20 orphans their name and family background is this.

Kishan Amir ( 11 year )

Shawan Amir ( 9 year )

Sahil Amir ( 7 year )

Naha Amir ( 6 year )

Sister all these are brother and sisters. Their father was an addict of drugs and he died about 5 years ago and now their mother is working in muslims houses  but she can not afford for every need. We are just helping them for their education.

Afzal is ( 12 year )

Sister he have no mother and their ather got other marriage and he is not taking care of them.

Aksh Babar ( 9 year )

Aksh Have no father and her mother is working in a brick factory and we are supporting her.

Emman ( 7 year )

Shama ( 5 year )

Both are brother and sister and have no father. Their mother is also working in a factory and he is also sick.

Alisha Munzar ( 8 year )

Noor Munzar ( 6 year )

Both are belonging with same family. They have no father and their mother is cleaning at muslim homes.

Shamoon Raza ( 10 year )

Alishab Raza  ( 8 year )

They also have no mother they are not  going to school and their father is heart problem and he is not going to job.

Biniamin Zahoor ( 6 year )

Asma  Zahoor ( 8 year )

They have no mother and  their  father is an addict of drugs and he is not living with them.

Anila  Barkat ( 5 year )

Nabeel Barkat ( 7 year )

They have no father and their mother is sick and she can not do work. They have no sources for earning .

Sharoon Paul  ( 11 year )

Naila Paul ( 5 year )

Both are  brother and sister they have no mother and father and  they are living with  Brothers of their Mom’ and  they  are not carning them.

Dilawar Khuram ( 7 year )

They have no father and some day after his mother also died in a accident now he is  living with their  relatives.

Lubna Shakoor ( 10 year )

She have no father and her mother is sick and working in homes.

We have these orphans and our team is supporting them for their education now we want to support them for their needs of life. Please pray for the orphans future.

God bless you.

Your bro Eva Shakeel akhtar.

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