Community Learning Center in Melamchi, Nepal

August 22, 2016

COE has been active over the last year establishing our roots in Melamchi, Nepal.

We have also been busy opening our office in Kathmandu. The office is run by our board member Laura Levtov from Toronto, Canada who resides in Nepal 5 months of the year.

We are most excited to announce our academic scholarship program that currently has 12 children attending the private English school, Pragati, in the village of Melamchi. We feel giving children a quality education in English will allow the children to have hope, and fulfill dreams.

We are set to launch our fundraising campaign to commence the start of construction of our Community Learning Center in Melamchi. The community center will be a center for all providing music, art, dance, sport and other extra curricular activities, including English classes.

One of our pilot projects having a book writing competition within a private school having books created by the students in ABC, Numbers or Fiction. Prizes were given out to the children and all books created where brought to a very remote government school where very few books exist.

We plan to expand to many private schools to provide books to remote village schools in a very cost effective way.

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