COE's International Youth Program, Ghana 2011

September 7, 2011

On the 20th of August 2011, Karoline Buys (COE’s International Program Director) and Harriet Nettles crossed the dusty border from Lomé, Togo to Ghana and continued to the University of Legon in Accra, the site of two previous COE / Apeadu Peace Center gatherings.  Sammy Fianko and Lawrence Yealue organized a group of young people to join us in the lovely University gardens for a program on spirituality into action (Reflect, connect and act) and lunch. After Karoline led a meditation, the sharing that followed showed clear results: a sense of inner peace and oneness with all humanity that reached beyond religion, and the realization that we are all divine. Afterwards Karoline showed the youth the movie on the power of thought inspiring them to become more active in their daily lives. Her power point on COE shared the stories of youth around the world who are doing all they can to make this a better world. The group now plans to continue with weekly meetings and continue to explore possible projects with Sammy and Lawrence. In reflecting upon the day together, Karoline said, “ If hearts have been touched and youth have been inspired to seek higher answers about life and who we are, they will be guided from within to be the change and create a better world.” 

The next day, we travelled to Aburi to visit our beloved Nana Apeadu, who generously hosted four large international gatherings for COE in Ghana. Nana has worked tirelessly for women and children refugees worldwide, and is now building her dream: the Apeadu Peace Center.  

We did a very productive brainstorming session on how to make COE more active and visible in Ghana.  We began planning a training in mediation and traditional conflict resolution practices, especially in healing the religious conflict that pervades much of Africa.  Spirituality will of course be included as an essential ingredient in peace building. We hope that external funding can be found. Lawrence is convinced that our many contacts in Ghana can help us to find sponsors. If this training calls to you, please share your ideas and begin raising funds so that you can join us!!!
Lawrence and Sammy also plan to organize days of service at the Peace Center, where youth participants will also learn skills in the building trade, such as mixing mortar.  Lawrence, an avid soccer player, also plans to organize a COE Sports for Peace Event on September 21, World Peace Day.

Nana Apedau, Her Secretary, Harriet Nettles and Karoline Buys
Nana's Dream: The Apedau Peace Centre, Aburi, Ghana

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