COE Youth Work for Peace in Kenya

April 29, 2013

CoE Chapter Leader Patrick Maluki manages a national NGO called Poverty Eradication and Community Empowerment (PEACE) in Kenya.  PEACE works with young people at different stages in their lives to ensure that they acquire relevant skills and knowledge for informed and timely decision making.

PEACE is holding a series of seminars on “Youth for Peaceful Elections” for college age youth in and around Nairobi.  An initial group of 50 students was invited to the first phase in January, 2013, and an overwhelming 250 showed up to the seminar!  The date for the second phase, which will focus on the role of youth in maintaining peace during the recent Kenya general elections, will be posted at


Some of the proposed projects for which PEACE is fundraising include:

  1. County Girl Child Education Index
  2. Cultivating a culture of Reading: Mobile libraries in primary and secondary schools in rural areas in Kenya
  3. Understanding the role of the youth in the County Governments
  4. Empowering the urban slums youth for crime and violence prevention
  5. Campaign on the fight of violence against women and girls at the county level
  6. Agriculture as a profession: opportunities for economic empowerment for the youth in the informal sector; target group secondary schools
  7. Capacity building of Youth and Children with special needs on socio- economic empowerment
  8. Understanding the East Africa Community and the opportunities available for the youth in Kenya
  9. Youth for Natural Resource Management: campaigns on environmental conservation
  10. Health and the youth: challenges of adolescence and their effects on girls
  11. Capacity building of the youth on their reproductive rights
  12. The role of the youth in contributing to a HIV free society

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