COE UAE Hub Leader Reports from Rio+20 Youth Blast

June 13, 2012
Kehkashan Basu with Mr. Sha Zukang

by Kehkashan Basu

I am having the time of my life at Rio+20 and I cannot thank God enough for this. I must have done something good in my past life to have been so blessed.
I am here in Rio as the youngest international delegate.

I just came to know that I have been chosen for the United Nations Award Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD ) Award. I will receive this award on World Day to Combat Desertification, which will be celebrated in Rio de Janeiro. I have also been invited to give a speech addressing the children of the world during the official press conference of UNCCD after which I will receive the award.

We planted trees on the occasion of World Environment Day in Rio as a part of UNEP's celebrations.

During the YOUTH BLAST which concluded today in Rio, I conducted 3 workshops:

  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Launch of the Asia Pacific Youth Water Summit
  3. Asian Youth Forum

I met Mr Achem Steiner - Executive Director of UNEP and Mr Sha Zukang - Under Secretary General of the UN. I was chosen to pose a question to Mr Sha Zukang on behalf of the youth delegates here:

I will update you with further reports on the progress of negotiations here on the future we want for our planet.


Kehkashan Basu with Achim Steiner
Kehkashan Basu giving presentation.
Kehkashan Basu sharing regional work.
Sustainable Development
Kehkashan Basu with Mr. Sha Zukang

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