COE Scotland Deals with the Causes of Cyber Bullying

September 4, 2012
 'Belong - Longing to Be ME'

Children of the Earth Scotland has secured funding for the following project and seeks 16 participants from the Forres area who are between the ages of 15 and 19.

The project, entitled 'Belong - Longing to Be ME' is an in depth inquiry into the root causes and motivations for cyber- bullying - a phenomenon which is affecting an increasing number of young people particularly within our school community.

The project has 3 stages and will take place over the following 6 months beginning on the 1st November 2011.

Stage 1 Is a workshop over 5 days leading to a youth performance of an original short play 'Belong' - which traces the motivation for cyber bullying into the interior world of the bully and the victim. Both experience many conflicting persuasive voices on the exterior and little awareness of a healthy interior voice which speaks for their unique value without need for attack. The performance of the play to friends, family and local community will be part of the U.K. Anti Bulling week .     Seven volunteer mentors from the Forres area community and one or two young production assistants will be engaged at this stage and will play an ongoing role in building community and activating the project.

Stage 2 The cast and their mentors will participate in a 5 day residential camp. This camp will be facilitated by local Nature Awareness guides who will lead the group in natural living skills which support the growth of a healthy interior voice. They will engage in several community building and nature connection activities including, Way of Council and Solo Time in nature. During this camp participants will experience life 'unplugged'.

Stage 3 Following camp, the young participants will return to perform the play again but this time for film. This film will become part of a documentary that will include interviews with the cast regarding their experience of cyber bullying and their new awareness stemming from their participation in stage 2. The film will also include research into the impact of increasing flat screen use and point towards the need for and satisfaction in physical activity, authentic communication and contact with nature.

Children of the Earth Scotland anticipate that this project will be the inspiration for future youth-led projects with a similar theme. We are therefore seeking potential young leaders with a willingness to perform on stage who also have a sympathy for or experience of the issue. We hope that by participating in 'Belong-Longing to Be ME' these youth will become motivated to continue to collaborate with CoEScotland who will support them to (for example) take the documentary into schools and youth centres and to speak frankly about their experience. 

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