COE Pakistan is Planning a Vocational Center for Girls & Women in Lahore, Pakistan

June 9, 2013
Jahangir Piara and Nina Meyerhof at a Human Rights Conference in Lahore, November, 2005

Greetings of love, peace, and joy from Pakistan.

The Organization for Peace Development (OPD) in Pakistan is planning to launch a new project to create a Vocational Training Centre for girls and women in Youhanabad Lahore and we are seeking funds to launch it. This project could play significant role in bringing a positive and peaceful change among the beneficiaries and it would also help them to become self-reliant and lead a prosperous life. We would be happy to share more information on inquiry.

Additionally, as of April 13th, 2013 we are working to raise awareness among local people to cast your vote to show your strength. We are organizing three meetings with potential partner organizations culminating with a larger meeting and rally bringing together the other organizations to make all aware of the Power of  the Vote.

Jahangir Piara

COE has created a donation form to collect funds for the Vocational Training Centre for girls and women in Youhanabad Lahore. Click here to donate >>

About COE Pakistan

The vision of COE Pakistan is to promote human values, social justice and bring harmony among the people of all faiths and sects. COE Pakistan provides opportunity and facility to target communities, especially women and children, potential social leaders. Religious leaders of different faiths are also targeted to encourage respect of differences among all faiths and sects, collaborating in the struggle for collective development at the grass roots level.

Organization for Peace and Development (OPD) and Children-of-the-Earth-Lahore are promoting peace through Peace Education and Interfaith Harmony.  Opportunity is provided to religious leaders to seek texts, which promote peace and social harmony from their respective religious books.

COE Pakistan supports the common interests of all religions, condemning protests against any specific religion or creed. OPD and Children-of-the-Earth work to promote interfaith harmony and to raise awareness about discriminatory attitudes of people of all faiths and religions which create problems, confusion, violation and misunderstanding among the people of all faiths living together.

About Jahangir Piara

Jahangir Piara and Nina Meyerhof met at a Human Rights Conference in Lahore, November, 2005

Nina presented on the importance of women and children in the creation of a just and peaceful society, emphasizing the role of international organizations, especially NGOs such as Children of the Earth, in facilitating the process.

Jahangir Piara is working for peace education and interfaith harmony along with their other development programs like health, advocacy on women and child rights. He is currently working as Member of the Youth Steering Committee of United Religions Initiative and also a representative for South Asia of International Peace Bureau. He has been working for peace-building and interfaith harmony for the last eight years. He has participated in many regional and international conferences and events which have built his confidence and enhanced his capacity and knowledge about peace and interfaith harmony. He believes that to bring a positive and peaceful change in the world, we need to work at the grassroots level with the involvement of local people for a culture of peace around the world. He thinks that this is the time for peace and development of mutual understanding and we must use it properly to bring peace and interfaith harmony around the world. If we will fail to do so our efforts and endeavors for peace will be vain and useless. Let’s open our hearts to accept our coexistence for a culture of peace and safety of human life around the world. The time is required from each and every peace actor to promote a sense of peace and interfaith harmony among the people of the world to save our planet and to make it a peaceful one for every living being.

"I to thank Children of the Earth for accepting my application for a COE Chapter in Lahore Pakistan and providing me with the opportunity to serve and promote the vision of Children of the Earth"

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