COE Chapter Leader for UAE Panelist at UN Youth Assembly on International Youth Day 2013

September 16, 2013

Simran Vedyvas invited to speak as a panelist at the United Nations Youth Assembly on International Youth Day in August 2013. She received the invitation to attend the “Global Interactive Dialogue” event with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi.

She considers it a matter of prestige for her to attend the Youth Assembly 2013, which spanned 3 days at United Nations and was graced by several leading personalaities and over 1,300 youth delegates from across the globe. As a delegate and volunteer leader, she engaged with youth from various countries such as Romania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, USA and shared the work that is being done by her organization SynergY and by youth in UAE.

Simran was chosen to conduct an hour long workshop representing the International Youth Council as United Arab Emirates Chapter Leader. The workshop helped engage youth from many different countries by stressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and how youth can make them achievable by the smallest of acts in their own communities - ‘Each Act Counts’. The present youth and leaders committed themselves and took Millennium Development Goal-MDG Pledges. Simran was humbled by youth waiting to talk to her after the presentation.

Before she headed back home to Dubai, Simran participated in another panel discussion centered on the theme of International Youth Day 2013 -  "Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward” - the panel raised awareness of the opportunities and risks associated with youth migration.

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