Civil War in South Sudan

January 18, 2014

On December 15, 2013, a civil war broke out in Jonglei, South Sudan, killing 500 people.

Tragically, the death toll continues to rise and more than 62,000 people are now displaced. Thousands of men, women and children are going without food and clean water; some civilians are fleeing to neighboring countries Kenya and Uganda because of the escalating war. Thousands of people particularly from Bor Town in Jonglei, are believed to be living in the bushes nearby Bor Town.

This heartbreaking crisis prompted Peter Garang Deng, the founder of Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc., to launch DOF’s Emergency Project on December 23, 2013.

Peter Garang Deng was born in a small village in southern Sudan, an area already wrecked by decades of civil war. Amazingly, he educated himself and emigrated to the U.S. where he created a non-profit organization called Deng Opportunities Foundation, or DOF, to raise funds to educate orphans in Sudan. While the mission of DOF is primarily focused on providing education to underprivileged children of the Sudan, he feels this current crisis needs a greater response.

“We are a small organization focusing on [the] education of orphans and crisis such as   this one are not part of our mission but we can’t afford to sit back at the difficult time  like this and watch people suffer and do nothing. We have to do something to help   people of Jonglei at whatever capacity we can afford.”

Peter Garang Deng

DOF’s Emergency Project and the newly developed Peter Deng Express, are reaching out to vulnerable families of South Sudan by providing hope with practical assistance. They offer a free minibus ride from Juba to Nimule town for safe access to food and water. They are also gathering funds to provide food, shelter, and clean water to the orphans of Jonglei.

Please consider helping us donate to this emergency fund to aid people of Jonglei by clicking the link below. 100% of your donations go to DOF’s Emergency Project.

Donate Here

"Together we can change orphans' lives in Jonglei."

Peter G Deng, MBA
Founder and President

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