Children of the Earth

Dear Children of the Earth as we are all children of our earth! We are now experiencing full upheaval. It behooves us to see this major global epidemic holocaust as a global awakening of our needs and our potentials. We now have an opportunity to reorder our priorities moving from outer to deeper inner realities and realize our gratitude for all we do have in life.

Our lives have purpose as we must learn that through conscious awareness we can understand that we need to love one another and are  all interconnected and interdependent. Life is fragile and our loved ones need us. We must learn to value the other.

What can each of us do? We finally have time now to assess what these deeper values are. The normalized functions are stalled. How do we educate our children for this alteration in lifestyle? We are no longer one individual at a time, but rather, a family of humankind suffering a global holocaust where each of us is facing the same enemy at the same time. So how do we go forward?

Education comes from the word educare…which means to draw forth or lead out. Education is a calling…a vocation of passion for individuals who care about our next generation and our collective future. Educators are now builders of this most important future. The young people are our initiators into the next phase of global cultural (r)evolution. The youth are the architects for the coming phases that include social, cultural, and global development. They have the potential to no longer imitate what has come before them but rather imagining the scaffolding for structures that lead us into a better future.

The next relevant educational model we are able to elucidate for educators is Authentic Education and thus to learn to tap into higher consciousness and translate the experience into societal actions for global harmony. We must develop our educational philosophy for this authentic learning as building a new global culture. This process emphasizes the truth and acceptance that we each have an inherent wisdom of who we are and to learn what is our individual and collective purpose. Thus the teacher becomes a facilitator rather than the instructor. As a result of this inner reflective process, learning can occur to serve another’s needs as equivalent to serving one’s own needs.

Examining the world in this manner, reaching personal and social conclusions , leads each individual to know and understand their relationship within the whole. Holistic thinking allows us to incorporate the self while learning that the whole is greater than all of its parts within a system. We must now learn to serve the greater good for our common survival and foster a deep appreciation of all of life. ONE LIFE for rising humanity.

by Nina Meyerhof

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