Chapter Leader Simran Vedvyas Recognized by Dubai Cares

September 3, 2012

COE Chapter Leader United Arab Emirates

Social Report - Outstanding Dubai Cares Active Volunteer Since 2007 Student of Gems Millennium School – Simran Vedvyas

Age 13 years, star student, social campaigner and a true environmentalist

I  wish to take you back to the thought that Education is a critical factor in every child’s development yet millions of children around the world, particularly in developing countries, do not have access to quality primary education. Education is also the most effective tool to break the cycle of poverty.

I have been an active Volunteer for Dubai Cares Causes since 2007. I participate in Dubai Cares activities and campaigns whole-heartedly and wish I could do more for the cause. I have actively engaged in the Million Book Challenge in 2008 which invited school children aged 3-14 to participate in a nation-wide read-a-thon. The goal was to read one million books in two weeks. 1,323,218 books were read by 141,425 public and private primary school students from 159 schools. For each book a child read, Dubai Cares purchased a new book written in local languages which were distributed to school children in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, Zambia, South Africa and Sri Lanka, the Gaza Strip, and the United Arab Emirates in partnership with Room to Read. Walk for Education in 2010 got thousands of UAE residents to come together and enthusiastically participate in the walk in support of children in developing countries who walk an average of 3 kilometers everyday to go to school.

Over Ramadan 2011, Dubai Cares launched a School Feeding Campaign which highlighted to the community the importance of basic nutrition for children and its link to improving access to education and increased ability to learn while in school. Over 1000 retail establishments participated in and supported the campaign to provide children with school feeding. Funds were used to contribute to school feeding programs worldwide, especially those that focus on encouraging girl’s enrollment in order to reduce the gender gap that exists in many education environments. Walk for Education 2012 by Dubai Cares invited the UAE community to participate once again in its 3 km Walk for Education  in support of millions of children around the world who face tremendous obstacles in their pursuit of education or who are unable to go to school at all.

I am proud to be a student of GEMS managed The Millennium School, Dubai United Arab Emirates. GEMS Education which is driven by the desire to achieve excellence and meet local and community needs, operates as strategic partners, providing customized education solutions in both the private and public sector. The management and the students along with the parent body of the Schools are committed to support the community, as we live amongst many different cultures. Gems Education and Varkey GEMS Foundation is impacting 10 million children from 151 countries globally. President Bill Clinton is the Honorary Chairman of the Education Foundation

GEMS Education, considered to be the world’s largest NGO dedicated to primary education committed 30 million US Dollars to the Middle East based charity, Dubai Cares, which aims to improve children’s access to primary education in developing countries. To date, the charity, in partnership with international aid agencies, has reached more than 4 million children in 20 countries. Over 2,000 schools have been built or renovated, 22,000 teachers have been trained, 3,000 Parent Teacher Associations established, 490 libraries created and 1.3 million books have been distributed in local languages.

I was honored as invited guest to attend the celebration of Dubai Cares 5th Anniversary, special ceremony, held under the patronage and in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai to recognize Dubai Cares individuals and organizations that continuously supported Dubai Cares for the past 5 years.

I was very excited to see our GEMS Chairman and Founder Mr. Sunny Varkey, called up on stage to receive recognition for supporting Dubai Cares. Mr.Sunny Varkey believes that a person who has been educated will understand the importance of educating their own children so the impact of a quality education will flow through from generation to generation.

In a short time, Dubai Cares, with the help of communities in the United Arab Emirates, has made a difference in the lives of children and their communities. To date, Dubai Cares is:

  • Reaching more than 7 million beneficiaries in 28 countries
  • Building and renovating over 1,500 schools and classrooms 
  • Providing more than 1,000 water wells and potable water sources and constructing over 3,000 latrines in schools
  • Providing nutritious food everyday to more than 490,000 children in schools
  • Keeping more than 1.5 million children free from intestinal worms through its de-worming activities
  • Distributing over 2 million books written in local languages
  • Establishing over 6,600 Parent-Teacher Associations
  • Training over 23,000 teachers
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