Chaite Dashian Festival Celebrated at Rainbow Children Home Nepal

April 5, 2018
Chaite Dashian Celebrated at Rainbow Children Home Nepal

Rainbow Children Home in Nepal, a COE partner, hosted a Chaite Dashian festival for the children. In Napel there are many fests and festivals and Chaiate Dashian is a one of the popylar ones.  There are two types of Dashain in Nepal, one is Bada Dashain which held in September and October and the other Dashina is called Chaite Dashian and is held in March and April.

The Bada Dashian festival is even bigger than Chaite Dashain, but both are the important festivals in Nepal. During Bada Dashian there will 15 days holiday for the Academic institutions and 7 days for governmental officia while during the Chaite Dashain there is only one day holiday for all.

All the children were very happy to celebrate this festival. We gave the children Tika, food, blessing and money as a gift. All the children and Rainbow Children Home family had fun at the festival. Attached are a few photos of celebration of this festival.

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