Caring for a World in Transition - the Spirit of Humanity conference- Reykjavik, Iceland

May 9, 2017

The focus of the conversations at this event were around “Building a spiritual foundation for a peaceful and loving world.”

The SoH Forum is an innovative platform for leaders and change makers, at all levels and in different sectors of society, to collectively explore values-based approaches to governance. The group of selected invitees discussed in-depth the understanding how core values such as love, respect, compassion and solidarity can be integrated in our decision-making processes.  This is part of our ‘duty of care’ for the Earth and for Humanity at large.

Reykjavik was chosen as the venue of the Forum as it aims to become a global capital for peace. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the historical Reykjavik summit with Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev that set events that brought an end to the Cold War. Now Iceland 's president addressed us and spoke of values and what could Iceland bring to the world vs. what could Iceland nationalistically gain from the other countries. Nina MeyerhofHe spoke deeply of his own personal process from being a professor to taking the path of an activist and then becoming the President of Iceland. There were many panelists with extraordinary tales of commitment to the world ethos.

Domen Kocevar and Nina Meyerhof met at the conference a few others working on Peace Centers in the world with whom we wish to collaborate as soon as our own Institute of One Humanity for Sustainable Peace is grounded in the town Oswiecim, Auschwitz of Poland. These centers for Peace are being explored in Lebanon where they wish to first place a peace garden in the area of the greatest conflict as a symbol of forgiveness, a center in Rwanda , and a new center in Iceland to parallel the city's desire to be a city of peace to be known internationally for this stance.

Enclosed are photos of this most amazing land of renewable energies and love of nature with its vastness of wilderness and stark beauty. This country fortifies its values of peace loving life by embarking on being a very conscious country of caring for people and all other life.

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