Announcing a Special World Concert Featuring the World Peace Violin

August 12, 2014
The World Peace Violin

Announcing a special world concert on September 6th at Theatre at Sand Harbor State Park in Nevada featuring Reverend Patrick McCollum's World Peace Violin. The event, organized with the Truckee Tahoe Peace Project, gets a jump on Peace One Day, which calls for a day of cease-fires and nonviolence on Sept. 21.

It kicks off with a duet by violinist Scarlet Rivera and flutist Ann Licater. Rivera will be performing on what's called the "violin of peace" made by global activist, and a Director of Children of the Earth, Reverend Patrick McCollum. The instrument was created from almost 100 different pieces of wood, including some from a tribe in Africa that had resolved a conflict with another tribe, a statement about the concert says. For McCollum, it wasn't about making a perfect violin but about the process of rebuilding, re-sanding and re-molding it to make it sound better. "It's just like the peace process," Tieken Lopez says.

“Music, dance and art transcend all nationalities and are the common language that touch the heart of all people,” shares Andy Hill who runs For Goodness Sake, coordinator of the Truckee Tahoe Peace Project. “The Truckee Tahoe Peace Project is proud to collaborate with Trails and Vistas. While governments and regimes may be in conflict with one another, the citizens of the world can come together to appreciate and celebrate global diversity and the richness of cultural traditions in a spirit of peace, harmony and joy.”

“The World Peace Violin serves as a powerful metaphor for both the beauty and diversity of our planet and for the successful integration of its religions, cultures, and peoples.”

    — Reverend Patrick McCollum, a Director of Children of the Earth

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The World Peace Violin
The World Peace Violin

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