12.12.12- Once in a Century, Once in My Lifetime

December 12, 2012

By- Simran Vedvyas, Children of the Earth Chapter Leader United Arab Emirates and India (Northern)

I am very excited and happy to share what I did on this special day 12.12.12.

With some friends of my school in Dubai we drove to Abu Dhabi, where at around 11 am I planted a tree in my name, thereafter we all engaged in Clean Up UAE drive, and at 12 past 12 in the afternoon we all were engaged in Clean Up the area and gave a message to the world with the kind of risk we are in due to the Environment and Nature degradation. 

At 5.40 pm I was in front of Burj Khalifa "the tallest tower on Earth" answering the question - What do you have? What do I need?

It is important because I want the youth today to convene, converge and collaborate and work for the future we all want as I represent the youth from around the world which constitutes a major segment of the total world population and I aspire for change in this world. I believe that the Youth constitute a vibrant and resourceful segment of our society. They are determined to scale greater heights. They are the next Champions.

There can be no greater cause for development consensus; than bringing the needs, rights and expectations of the youth to the center-stage of development concern. It is our duty to rekindle the imagination of our youth so that the nation surges ahead with added strength and vigor.

I wish to continue and be the person who can make a difference to simplify the life of others because in my opinion the only thing that has changed the world is Inspiring and determined Individuals. The Challenge today is to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Each one of us has a responsibility to live peacefully without jeopardizing the natural resources.

So I had a great day to remember!

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