Children of the Earth - March 2014


Our experiences and our work is more than an organization. It is about setting the tone for spirituality to rain down on humanity as a force of nature that will necessitate us being one humanity. Our lives are changing as climate change impacts us, the environment alters, species leave, friends die...and institutions crumble as they can not hold themselves up. Devastation and  yet continued creation .....evolution has historically been here always and the next phase is birthing itself minute to minute. You can shape this. Look outside your selves and see what is happening. Instead of wishing to be a success within in it, or having fears, build the structures you believe in. Do not focus so much on what is broken and dying  as the holes will never be plugged...but begin to prototype  and build new collaborative models based on the new sciences. Go inward and find that you can manifest there the externals you desire. It is magic. I am practicing this now and watching how it occurs. Very very interesting and takes time. Clear yourself of mental debris to hear that inner voice and ask that it produce that what you believe will further your life as a compassionate activist in the world. The puzzle is there, not outside.     


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Kehkashan from UAE Hub Awarded First 'Ambassador of Sustainability' by Dubai Municipality


COE UAE Chapter Leader Presents at UN Regional Conference in Doha


Mother Meyerhof Article in Examiner


Peace Service Center (Shanti Sewa Ashram)




April 10 - 12

Spirit of Humanity Forum Reykavick, Iceland

Nina will be speaking at the 2014 Spirit of Humanity Forum.


May 18

Symphony of Peace Prayers

From the Fuji Sanctuary a message of peace will resonate, calling for harmony among nations, respect and tolerance for the diversity of our cultures and religious traditions. Join many peace-loving people from around the world. 



May 21 - 23

Nexus Europe Youth Summit in London




Rosie from the UK will be representing COE at the summit.


June 2014

Living in Oneness 2014

Nina will be speaking at this free event. 



Sync Gaia Hug


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I to We to One


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Neal's Story


Read about how Neal Meier came to be involved with COE


My Union journey has assisted me in evolving from a dedicated warrior to a fervent peace activist, as well as from a manager of violence to a manager of young people, with whom I share an abiding commitment and a deep desire for furthering world peace. 







This is a critical time in our world. Our youth require our support more than ever before to inspire them in taking action towards the future that they are destined to create. Your contribution will assist us to continue our work with youth leaders all over the world to inspire and equip them to live meaningful lives by assisting to become social change agent and spiritual activists.


We recently added the ability for you to sign up to make a recurring donation to COE. Pledge your monthly support!


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Dear Friends of Children of the Earth,


Children of the World What would you do to not just ensure the survival of COE but to guarantee it success? Would you take five minutes of your time? Would you contribute a very small amount of money to help this incredible organization continue its mission of helping young people around the world understand the power of leadership, spiritual awareness and peace activism?  


I ask you these very serious questions because COE faces two critical issues:


First, Children of the Earth has been in existence for over two decades yet it has a nominal regional, national and global awareness. How can we quickly begin to resolve that? Were you aware that this newsletter goes to a distribution of over 10,000 Friends of COE? But, the official COE Facebook group has only 915 members and our official COE Facebook page has 422 likes. Our recently launched COE Twitter page has just 28 followers.


You can change that by immediately joining the Facebook group, liking the Facebook page and following us on Twitter.  By doing so COE's internet presence grows exponentially.  And, you get the additional benefit of seeing what some of the graduates of COE training programs are doing to help accomplish COE's Mission. You will be amazed.


Second, COE needs a monthly operational revenue stream.  Currently COE operates on the generous contributions of donors. This method has worked well in the past but as COE develops into a not-for-profit with an enhanced global effort, it must have a monthly revenue stream that it can count on. Please make a monthly recurring donation on our website. If everyone who receives this newsletter donated $5 a month (less than the cost of a meal at any restaurant) COE's monthly revenue stream would be $50,000. Think of all the excellent work we could accomplish. Think of all the young people we could train and support. Think of all the peace we could bring to this troubled world. Please contribute now. 


You can also further our success by contributing to our campaign at Go Fund Me or just by sharing the campaign with your network. There are some fantastic rewards being offered including an hour-long live Skype training with Nina Meyerhof and a 5-day Italian vacation. 


Thank you for your help and best to our success,


Neal Meier

Senior Advisor to the President



Rosie, Neal and Princess Spread the Word About COE in Switzerland


At the beginning of February, Princess, COE Chapter Leader of Nigeria, flew into Zurich from Abuja and gathered with two other COE friends, Pro Bono Senior Advisor, Neal Meier from Vermont and Youth Programs Manager, Rosie Waygood from Oxford. The trip was dedicated to a new fundraising platform that had been carved out by Nina's joint efforts with friends in Switzerland - Regula Curti, Marco Steiger and Frieda Radford who have generously supported us in building awareness in Europe of COE and its work. Our wish is to invite friends and the wider community to help drive forward some of our global initiatives, including funding scholarships and training for a monumental gathering that will unite chapter leaders across Africa in a proactive One Peaceful Africa event in 2015. 




Togo 2014 Youth Projects Include Sanitation and Reforestation


Youth Camps scheduled for 2014 in Togo include sanitation projects and reforestation, incorporating the arts to teach young people the value of caring for the planet.

  • April 22-26 COE Togo will host a Youth Camp focusing on Sanitation and Waste Management. 
  • August 1-7 COE Togo will host a Reforestation and Animation Camp for children and youth in the Lomé area. 
  • Leaders in Togo are developing a new project to address the water crisis in the Lomé area where 75% of children die from the lack of clean drinking water.  



Emergency Project to Aid Orphans in South Sudan


The United Nations reports over 930,000 civilians have fled their homes since fighting began; in excess of a quarter million leaving for neighboring nations as refugees. 


The conflict, which broke out in December 2013, has created a growing number of penniless orphans, leaving South Sudan's children in refugee camps, or worse, hiding in bushes for shelter. Older children are forced to become both mother and father to younger siblings, searching for food, water and safe shelter forsaking their dreams of receiving an education.


COE's Peter Deng is on the ground in South Sudan providing food, clean water, and transportation to families in need. Click the link below to learn more and find out how you can help.



Egypt - Dice of Peace, Living Peace


Peace is not a value that is given; it is a value we must learn in order to know, that we have to experience on our own skin, we must include in our everyday behavior, in small and large acts of love that are done under our eyes.


Students at El Rowad American College, under the direction of Mr. Carlos Dario Palma Lema, start every morning with a toss of the "Dice of Peace" as a commitment to live in peace with one another. 




Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition


The YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITION is a new and exciting international program launched by The Goi Peace Foundation, Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Berlin) and UNESCO. It aims to empower young entrepreneurs and innovators to create positive change in their communities.


Young people from all regions around the world between the ages of 15 and 30 are invited to participate in the Competition and submit their best ideas and projects.


The deadline for entries is 30 JUNE 2014.



2014 International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education


Nina Meyerhof and COE Alumni Kelly Ramer will be workshop presenters for CoE, June 13-14 at the International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education: Developing and Implementing Culturally Inclusive Conflict Resolution Education Policies and Practices in K-12 and Higher Education.

The event takes place June 11th - 16th, 2014 and is hosted by George Mason University's Undergraduate Program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  




Global Partnership on Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda



On 18 February 2014, the President of the UN General Assembly launched a Global Partnership on Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, facilitated by the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, to highlight youth priorities and give young people a chance to voice their own visions for the post-2015 agenda. Through an inclusive platform, young people will formulate concrete ideas that can be proposed for the inter-governmental deliberations.



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