Leadership Team, Sukkur

The vision of COE Sukkur, Pakistan is to improve the quality of education for adults and children of both genders, promote human rights for women and children, provide a space for marginalized communities and provide interactive dialogues on Peace and the role of Religion in the development of ethics and spirituality.

Co-workers: The Teams consist of like minded youth who want to contribute in the development of ethics in social life. Most of them have a track record towards promoting education and improving its quality in their respective areas. 

Names: Tahir Hussain (Law student), Kashif Qureshi (Medical Student), Akram (Student), Hizbullah (Social Worker), Shabir Tunio (Social Worker), Shazia Mallah (Social Activist), Dr Majid Ghouri (Educationsit), Ayaz Mallah (Educationist), Fozia (Educationist), Shahnaz (Teacher), Faiza (Teacher).