Children of the Earth - June 2013

Global Heart for Oneness: Seed Thought for June


The strength and light of Oneness inspire me, and with courage, I hold the space of compassion. 


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WISH: We wish to facilitate a conscious evolution movement among our world's young people, the Millennial Generation, to catapult a shift in humanity's consciousness and transform our world into a peaceful and sustainable planet. 
WHO: A call to action for 180 Million youth from around the world to join the Global Heart for Oneness Movement to unite in daily mindfulness and mediation, and take inspired altruistic actions to create positive change. 
WHAT: The development and launching of the Global Heart interactive, open-sourced, social and eLearning website to alter the internet's purpose from uniting humanity as a "global mind" of downloading information, into a higher, collective purpose of uniting as one "global heart". 




Inspirational Video About Education from Nepal Chapter:


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Europie Festi-Forum

August 23-25, 2013

Toulouse, France


Currently there is an initiative driving throughout Europe...the development of a new united European dynamic with special space for the youth of today. A Festi-Forum called EuroPie is in the process of construction hoping to contribute momentous help for future challenges.





Earth Day Interview with Simran Vedvyas of UAE

Simran talks about her inspiration for forming the youth group SynergY on Siobhan Live in Dubai, UAE on Earth Day.  


A Visit to the Falcon Hospital in UAE - An Example of Biodiversity Conservation

There are several positive examples of biodiversity conservation from which one can learn and emulate. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is one such shining example. 


Environmental School: School of the Future

When considering different concepts for developing a school of the future, it is not necessary to focus only on protecting the environment.  Young people already grasp the basic ideas of sustainability and green issues. 


COE Liberia Works with Unicef


SynergY in UAE Receives Award for their Green Initiatives

SynergY Youth and COE Chapter leader Simran Vedvyas were given an award on Earth Day 2013 by Dubai Municipality for planting 120 trees at a landfill area. 


Advocating for People with Disability in Cameroon


SynergY Supports Cancer Patients by Participating in the Dubai Terry Fox Run


Six Months Since Newton - Help Reduce Gun Violence


Government of Dubai Partners with SynergY for "What Worked" 2012/2013

More than 1,500 educators attended "What Works," including many headmasters and principals of various schools and institutes, teachers, academia and students from across UAE. 


SynergY Continues Planting Trees in the UAE

SynergY plants 55 more trees at Worldwide Auctioneers in Jebel Ali. Prior to this, SynergY planted 120 trees near a landfill for a total of 175 trees planted in one week. 


International Day of Peace (IDP) Countdown


International Day of Peace Celebration Planned for Rulindo district, Rwanda 



COE Netherlands Blog


SynergY UAE Blog


FORS Romania Blog




This is a critical time in our world. Our youth require our support more than ever before to inspire them in taking action towards the future that they are destined to create. Your contribution will assist us to continue our work with youth leaders all over the world to inspire and equip them to live meaningful lives by assisting to become social change agent and spiritual activists.


We recently added the ability for you to sign up to make a recurring donation to COE. Pledge your monthly support!


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Group of Oneness Meditators


The Global Heart for Oneness Movement is growing, as the core group deepens its connection within. Soon the energy networking process for the global service of spreading light and goodwill will expand, as triangles of those regularly using the invocation "From I to We to One" (adapted from "The Great Invocation") are created.


We have begun the process of getting the meditation and seed thoughts out to our brothers and sisters around the planet. If you would like to join us in this transformational activity which crosses all social, national, economic, religious, and ideological boundaries... 



One Peaceful Africa:
Ghana Gathering 2013


To celebrate Children of the Earth's  
10 years in Africa, we are having a  
gathering in Ghana in October, 2013! 


COE Africa  


The theme of the gathering is One Peaceful Africa: Ghana Gathering 2013. This conference is to be the first One Peaceful Africa regional gathering, to be followed by future conferences in other parts of the African continent.


The Ghana event will focus on three core concepts: (1) Peace, (2) Conflict Resolution and (3) Leadership. Participants will leave prepared to share what they have learned with youth in their local areas.

The Aburi Botanical Gardens in Aburi, Ghana will be the site for the conference.  The updated tentative date is for October 2013.

All youth are welcome to attend.  Please spread the word! 

Registration for the program is FREE.  The cost of travel and lodging is each individual's responsibility. 


Each participant will create their own action plan, based on recognized peace models. Strengths, challenges and needs will be discussed and integrated into each plan.  




A Single Drop of Prayerful Energy



by Yuka Saionji


One of the peace minded people who attended the interfaith event United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony at the United Nations in February was Dr. Nina Meyerhof, a visionary educator from the United States who was a guest at the 2007 Symphony of Peace Prayers at Fuji Sanctuary.


Just before the event began, Dr. Meyerhof told me: "Earlier today, I offered a prayer in the prayer room here at the UN. As I prayed, I had a vision. It was the image of a single seed being set down at the UN, and from here it rippled outward. People may think that this is just a one-day event, but it is much more than that. I sensed that beginning today, we are taking a great and important step toward a transformation in humanity's consciousness. The work that you and your family are doing is really wonderful, and a new era is now coming into being."


With these encouraging words, Dr. Meyerhof and I embraced each other, and then took our seats.

After the event, her words remained in my mind...



COE Nepal Delivers 1,500 School Bags Filled with Supplies to Children



Jimmy Lama, Chapter Leader of COE Nepal, continues his support for education in Nepal by conducting a school bag program for children. So far 1,500 bags have been distributed to needy children. Each bag is worth approximately £10 for the bag, exercise books, water bottle, tiffin box, colour pencil, maths box and biros and more. Without these essential supplies children cannot succeed in school but many cannot afford them. In addition to the program in Nepal, Jimmy has worked on similar programs in Pakistan with Ashfaque and in the Philippines with Christian Marx.



1st World Youth Sustainability Summit - May 10-20 Berlin

Relja from COE Serbia chapter relates his impressions of the 1st World Youth Sustainability Summit held on May10-20, 2013 in Berlin.


I had the great honor to listen to lectures held by many scientists and activists including Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert, Wolfgang Gruendiger, Arved Fuchs, Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker, Hannes Jaenicke, Prof. Dr. and Dr. HC Hans Joachim Schellnhuber.

In addition, I was able to exchange ideas, experiences and develop projects with more then 160 participants from 31 countries. This has enabled me to broaden my horizons and knowledge on sustainable development and come back to Serbia with many new ideas for new projects for raising awareness of our society on global issues concerning our environment.


We are the future. Therefore, we ask ourselves how we want to live in the future and how we want to create the future!



COE Pakistan is Planning a Vocational Center for Girls & Women in Lahore, Pakistan Primary tabs


Jahangir and NinaThe Organization for Peace Development (OPD) in Pakistan is planning to launch a new project to create a Vocational Training Centre for girls and women in Youhanabad Lahore and we are seeking funds to launch it. This project could play significant role in bringing a positive and peaceful change among the beneficiaries and it would also help them to become self-reliant and lead a prosperous life.


COE has created a donation form to collect funds for the Vocational Training Centre for girls and women in Youhanabad Lahore. Click here to donate >>

I am M.A.D. - Making A Difference in the Philippines



We started a small volunteer group called I am M.A.D. (Making A Difference) with two members which grew to more than 100 volunteers across the Philippine archipelago in the span of 3 years.  Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of more Filipino children from remote areas through teaching them how to make a difference in their own small ways. We conduct workshops, initiate community activities, meet with parents, and provide school supplies. 



Bus of Books in Australia

 800 million people around the world cannot read or write, of which 40% of them are children and teenagers

4 out of 5 children in remote and indigenous communities in Australia cannot read above minimum standards

50% of young people living in poverty and unemployment have difficulty reading & writing

Bus of Books is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing young people in rural and disadvantaged communities within Australia with resources and programs to read and succeed. 



Stop Talking, Start Planting


planting treesAfter months of thoughtful planning and preparation, SynergY organized a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy during Earth Week at The Address Dubai Marina Hotel on Saturday 20th April 2013: Stop talking, Start planting. 85 youth and children from more than 15 schools and institutions from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi participated in the event and planted a total of 120 trees near a landfill.



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