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African Youth Peace 

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Yuka's Baby



The chinese character for:
"So"- represents the blue sky
"Ma"- represents truth

With the hope that he will have a heart of a big blue sky, speaking the truth and living his mission. 





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One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt

The OPA T-Shirt Project is a collaboration of the hearts and minds of the children of Africa generating funds to support the efforts on the ground in Liberia, Nigeria and beyond. While many aid initiatives are driven by the outside international community, this OPA project is coming directly from the people living on the continent and the purchase of a One Peaceful Africa T-Shirt supports the the children of Africa, directly. 


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This is a critical time in our world. Our youth require our support more than ever before to inspire them in taking action towards the future that they are destined to create. Your contribution will assist us to continue our work with youth leaders all over the world to inspire and equip them to live meaningful lives by assisting to become social change agent and spiritual activists.


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Update on Nepal Relief Efforts


Thank you to everyone who supported the efforts of COE alumni in Nepal. Through your support we were able to raise $8000 through Indiegogo and another $6000 through the COE website.  


Mark's understanding of the region and its people and lightning fast response have brought food, water, tents, medical aid and other necessities of survival to those in the greatest need in this region, which is amongst the hardest hit and most difficult to reach. He had immediately set up an Indiegogo account to collect donations, but, with the immediate response from Nina and COE, he was able to have a much more direct route for donations to reach him. Nina was able to relay wire transfer of immediate cash for donations through Western Union so that Mark could procure the immediate necessities of food, water, shelter and medical aid.  



World Peace Caravan - Giving Youth a Global Voice for Peace


COE is delighted to be partnering with the World Peace Caravan (WPC) to help trumpet the youth voice for peace. COE's mission to inspire and unite young people to create a peaceful and sustainable world coincides beautifully with the intent of the WPC's Youth Ambassador Program (YAP), a web-based, multi-media, solutions-driven educational program based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals that is being undertaken by the WPC's 12 international Youth Ambassadors in the year leading up to the caravan this December, 2015.



The Fuji DeclarationA Divine Spark Activation


Nina Meyerhof, along with the Initiators of The Fuji Declaration and other founding signatories and partner organizations celebrated the official inauguration of The Fuji Declaration at the Fuji Sanctuary in Japan on May 17th, 2015. Together they set in motion a Divine Spark Activation to ripple out to the world beginning with the East West Celebration followed by an inspiring inauguration program with honorary guests and soulful presentations at Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015. 



 The New Education and Authentic Learning by Nina Meyerhof



Education is a calling...a vocation of passion for individuals who care about our next generation and our collective future. Educators today are so often bogged down by the subjects they are teaching that they often forget they are builders of this most important future. The young people are not only inheritors of our past but are also our pilgrims into the next phase of evolutionary consciousness. 



Building the New World Conference


The Building the New World conference ("BTNW") was an astounding success! Nina attended the conference which took place May 28 - 31, 2015 at Radford University in Virginia. The conference was based on the "Wheel of Co-Creation" designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, who opened the conference. Thought-leaders in each of the enumerated Sectors explained that our endangered planet needs - more than anything - a positive vision and a concrete strategy for planetary peace and sustainability.



Kehkashan from UAE Youngest Winner of NRI of the Year Award


Kehkashan Basu, leader of the UAE hub, is the recipient of the NRI of the Year Award which recognizes the exemplary work of Non-Resident Indians. The award was presented in Mumbai, India by the Times Group, India's largest media house. There were over 30,000 applicants this year from around the globe. Kehkashan was recognized in the Academics category and has become the youngest ever winner. 



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