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Social Action COE Chapters:

Youth humanitarian projects
conceived as a result of an inner transformation.


Spirit Youth COE Hubs:

Groups of young people who meet to focus
on spiritual explorations and intentions.


"Dear friends,

I would like to thank you for the work you are doing toward sustaining your lives. Life is short and requires some tough struggles, but how can you go on to survive if this is the case. Many people like to be in leisure, but you can see that humans like a sign of remembrance. It's better to be focused and help other humans have prospective. Sometimes having desire for ourselves is good, but I think it is on our physical outlook not in the soul's. I think everyone can try to think about this.

There is one thing in life that everyone must endure and that is the love of our children. If a parent is full of hatred, he or she should not put that on his or her child, even if one is annoyed so much. Every one should think of doing the best for his or her children in every situation. We need to think of the disadvantaged children, like orphans. They had parents who loved them but now their loved ones were gone. We need to join together to comfort these kids by caring, loving, and sharing with them. They can be the future pillars of our nations. Hope is one thing that can keep us alive, but fear is what always shortens our lives."


(Moses Zimbe May 10 posted in Children of the Earth Facebook)

WE NEED PEACE AND UNITY......say the Ghanaian Children


By Daniel Dodzi Hukporty

Ghana-West Africa


A Child's message of peace from Ghana.






Pakistan: challenges of conflict-induced displacement  

Zahid Ahmed for Insight on Conflict.


Better World Forum  

Better World Forum was an online, participatory virtual conference and exposition of notable thinkers, artists, authors, scientists, and business leaders.


Embercombe, UK  

is a charity and social enterprise established to champion a way of living that celebrates the opportunities inherent in this challenging time.


Sultana Awards   Sultana Creative Awards for Children of the Earth

We honor those hearts and minds that work in the local/creative/sustainable economy. We recognize the creative spirit in action, we celebrate relationships, and we congratulate the Elders who share with the next generation. These awards highlight cultures that collaborate, innovate and support continuous learning.



Click below to sign up to listen to Nina Meyerhof and Oran Cohen on July 20th
Summer of Peace



 You are cordially invited to the Africa Peace Festival. The festival strives to engage, educate and unite through the showcasing, promotion and celebration of Africa's rich cultural heritage.


GenUp Summer Leadership Academy, 15 - 22 July 2012, USA

 Hi Friends...we're in our last week of enrollment for the GenUp Summer Leadership Academy at the Whidbey Institute this July 15 - 22. If you're interested in joining us or know someone who would value this training opportunity, learn more & apply today!


GREEN PHOENIX CONGRESS, 24 - 28 October 2012, Switzerland

 Connecting strategies and innovative models in urban and rural communities.

A conference preparing for a system change for a global culture of peace. You are invited to look at existing models and support in their development. You will get inspired by the diversity of approaches and find partners to make your dreams come true. A system change is not only necessary, it has to be also possible. It starts with you and me.


Who am I, Who are you?

by Kehkashan Basu

Swirling grey mists of smog blot out the sun

Honking cars, belching smoke, at every turn

Millions and zillions of plastic bags threaten to choke

Why are we all in such a self-destruct mode?

I look at myself in the mirror one night,

I cannot recognize the reflection, try as I might!

A pale, shrivelled, burnt out face stares back at me

Quite different from what I ought be

Who am I, Who are you?

Can this reflection of mine be really true?

Take action before it gets too late

We must not allow others to decide our fate

Restore mother nature back to her pristine glory

Let us all join hands to change the script of this sad story

The call to action must echo throughout the globe

Children and adults alike must work to bring back hope

Plant trees, cut down on pollutants, go green

Bring back the environment to its original sheen

Developed nations need to take the lead

And others too need to come up to speed!

Mirror, oh mirror, show us a greener image

Without the smog & dirt, just a clean visage

Who am I, Who are you?

COE United Arab Emirates: Examples of Community Service


Water Walk

Kehkashan Basu is one of our newest Chapter Leaders. She is from Dubai and she shows us ways of engaging in community service as a young girl.




COE United Arab Emirates Food and Clothes Distribution to Laborers

Distributing Clothes to Laborers in Dubai

By Kehkashan Basu, Dubai Hub Leader


Kehkashan Basu, Chapter Leader from Dubai is taking part in a humanitarian action in support of poor laborers.




COE Togo: Education and Culture Moment for One Week

COE Togo Music and Culture Moment By Samuel Ayivi, Chapter Leader from Togo


COE Togo organized a daily encounter with children and youth from a school on the topic of culture and peace. The amazing response from the 900+ children and from 5 more schools, invited COE Togo for such events.




COE United Arab Emirates: Essay Competition Award


Kehkashan By Kehkashan Basu, Chapter Leader from Dubai


Kehkashan Basu, Chapter Leader from Dubai awarded for her contribution to the Essay Competition titled, "Dear Mr. UN Secretary General... "




COE Philippines: Support the I am M.A.D. this Summer


M.A.D. Group Photo

I am M.A.D. (Making A Difference) summer campaign for support. You will help enable the I am M.A.D. conduct workshops and bring school supplies to children in the province. Certainly, you will be able to make a difference.




Gavin Morgan

COE Scotland, UK: Love in Action

By Gavin Morgan


Gavin Morgan, Chapter Leader from Scotland sends his love to us all. Let the butterfly spread it's wings and touch your hearts.




COE Romania: The light of my spirit for the benefit of people

By Iulia Tantas


spyglass Iulia Tantas from Romania's statement of vision and life purpose. Intention setting in motion the wheels of her story. COE is setting up the first Romania Chapter to make voices like hers sound across borders.




Vermont, USA: Workshop on Finding and Teaching Spiritual Peace


Spiritual Activism Handbook

By Jessie Murray, COE Intern, Burlington Vermont


Children and youth testing out the educational materials created for them by COE elders Dr. Nina Meyerhof and Dr. Diane DeTerra. Preparations are underway to welcome a group of Chinese youth and children in sharing the experiences of spiritual activism. USA - China building bridges across the divides.




Sweden: Preparatory Meeting for the 1st Mindhouse Summit June 17-19, 2012, Tällberg

Nina Meyerhof

Dr. Nina Meyerhof has been invited to the Preparatory Meeting. The challenges of a runaway world - the ecology under threat, the economy tilted to benefit few, a society breaking point, cultures clashing - cannot be resolved by technology, policies, laws or regulation alone. At heart, a shift in human consciousness and evolution is a necessary condition. The first Mindhouse Summit addresses this shift head on. Planned for the early summer of 2013, the first Preparatory Meeting is being convened on June 17-19, 2012, in Tällberg, commencing at 17.00 hours.




Vandy Kanyako, Sierra Leone


Vandy became a peace soldier during the war in Sierre Leone to work with child soldiers through music; he started with Children of Earth in 1990.


Click here to download an mp3 of Vandy singing his song:

"Light the Torch of Love."


Lyrics by Vandy Kanyako

Light the Torch of Love

Pass it on to others

Keep the fire burning

It is the hope of mankind

Act like a brighter example

For others to follow

So light the torch!

Future of the world

Rests in our hands

There can be no progress

Without love

So we should come together

for a better world

And we say

Light the Torch of love....

Vandy was one of the 32 participants who produced the "Children's Declaration for Peace," which is the foundational document of Children of the Earth.




EYES - Empowering Youth in a European Society



Five delegates from COE Europe will be attending the European Youth Forum of Alternatives (EYFA), taking place from the 25th of August to the 2nd of September. The forum will gather together youth from all over Europe in order to render visible and share proposals, alternatives and all kinds of concrete contributions. The Summer Camp will take place in Le Marais Poitevin, near Niort (France).


EYES is a network of young European citizens pursuing active self-empowerment who want to take part in the building of a Europe that includes youth in the political processes and takes into account the issues that youth consider crucial to our lives and the planet.




New Chapter COE United Arab Emirates



By Simran Vedvyas, Chapter Leader UAE


New chapter leader for United Arab Emirates and India Simran Vedvyas reports from UNSCD RIO + 20 Youth Blast. She pledged to mobilize 5000 youth in June 2012 and successfully outdid that number. She traveled to 3 continents within a month and reached out to over 145 nationalities.




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