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Donate to COE It is true. Young people are yearning for a more meaningful life -and greater connection- in every corner of the globe. CoE youth are exploring the connection between spirituality and humanitarian work:

  • In Nepal, youth are building schools and providing the opportunity of education to more than 1,500 children; a CoE Educational Center for teacher training is in operation while construction and development continues. br /> 
  • In Pakistan, our young people, building peace and working for democratic literacy long-term, are also part of extended emergency relief efforts after months of devastating floods. 
  • In South Africa, through drama and dance CoE youth are affecting social change-addressing AIDS, teenage pregnancy and alcohol and drug abuse. 
  • In Switzerland, CoE youth are giving out hugs, reaching out with genuine human compassion;

    while in Vermont they are organizing "Bear Hugs" to connect children who want to make a difference with children who need help, child victims, both worldwide and next door. 

These activities are a glimpse of the results of our work with youth, to nurture their spirituality and encourage their contributions to local communities throughout the world. The children need your help in these challenging times.


That's why we hope you'll send a gift to make a real and immediate difference. Your gift will support programs that nurture spirituality and interconnected communities. Working together, we can be the change needed for a brighter future.

Please consider a gift of $250 today?
  Our investment in youth is an investment in the future.


It is time to come together in our communities around the globe to build a positive future by taking good care of the present. Countless spiritual traditions, as well as modern physics, have come to the same conclusion: we are all one, a vast system in which all life is intertwined and interdependent. Working to promote peace in ourselves is CoE's primary approach to promoting peace in the world. Let us all sing, "May there be peace on Earth and Let it begin with me."


Along with all the turmoil in the world today there are so many beautiful people making a positive difference. We invite you to help support the training and work of our young people.


Wishing you blessings from,


All Our Chapter Leaders and CoE Ambassadors


Core Team
Core COE Leaders

Nina Meyerhof

President, Children of the Earth


Barbara AllinBloom

International Director of Development


Karoline Buys

International Program Director


Annalise Cohen

Administration and Communications Manager


Corina Simon

Project Coordinator


To stay in touch with what our youth are doing, visit

Donate to COE

Donate to COE

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