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Youth Rising for Peace Summit, February 2012

Youth Rising

The Youth Rising for Peace Summit will be held in an exciting, worldwide 24-hour format, featuring key speakers in 30-60 minute presentations followed by ½ hour breakout groups for discussion. The virtual Summit will acknowledge and celebrate the positive roles youth are playing in their families, schools, communities, nations and the world, as well as shine light on the challenges youth are facing. The Summit also will be a call to action inviting youth to participate in the Summer of Peace 2012. The Summit will start in New Zealand, near the International Date Line, and travel westward as youth leaders from different countries are interviewed every hour on the hour for the full 24 hours. This will be the first world-wide youth summit of this nature in history. 

Registrants for Youth Rising for Peace Summit will be able to participate for free in as many of the live discussions as they like, as well as receive free access to the full library of recordings afterwards. Go to the website.


Re-Union for Young Leaders: Co-creating new ways of being to live in UnityDecember 12, 2012 to December 21, 2012, Guatemala


We have heard the calling to bring together active visionaries of this world, to unite elders and youth to ignite the torch of light and carry it forth. We have the holographic pattern imprinted in us of what is possible on this Earth, yet we must birth this vision into being while we hospice the old models that are destroying our world.


We believe we must enter into right relationship with one another and with our brothers and sisters in the different world kingdoms -plants, animals, fungi, bacteria and algae. If you want to join this vision, READ MORE.


International Seminar on "Teacher Education for Peace & Harmony" Feb 11 to 13, 2012, New Delhi, India

The objectives of the seminar are: To identify the current challenges of teacher education in solving the "human problems"; to update the teacher education according to global norms established by UNESCO and other bodies; to develop skills among teacher trainees in human values, harmonious living with co-existence; to promote inter-disciplinary research activities for education for peace and harmony; to create awareness among teachers for development of activities for peace and harmony education; to frame an outline of the curriculum of teacher education for peace, harmony & human values; to articulate and identify the activities, contents, programme for teaching peace and harmony; to establish an International Centre of Teacher education for peace and harmony.


Dr. Nina Meyerhof will be offering a workshop during the seminar focused on sharing the experiences and learning of the organization.




Solidarity with Japanese Students in the Tsunami Area - Appeal to Pupils all Over the World

Let us show the children in Ishinomaki, Japan that we certainly have not forgotten them.   So, please consider the urgent appeal to all pupils in Europe and everywhere: no matter how old you are, please do send a letter or postcard (or a painting if you have just started school) to the 2 elementary schools in Japan. Your letters do not have to be long but written in easy English. For addresses and more information you may find by contacting the initiator: Dagmar from Germany.



The European Consciousness Through Peace Actions Toolkit


Authored by Children of the Earth youth, Corina Simon, was born out of the desires of the organizers of the youth project European Consciousness Through Peace Actions to share their learning and support the intentions of some participants to carry forward the methods with other groups of youth in their communities. More broadly the toolkit is targeted for European youth facilitators, educators and trainers.


Link to full article.




UN DPI/NGO Briefing: "Culture of Peace Amplifying the Unseen and Unheard Voices of Peace"

This briefing examined the role of the culture of peace in today's interconnected world as well as the importance of peace as a vehicle for human development and for ultimately realizing the Millennium Development Goals. Moderated by Maria-Luisa Chavez: Chief, NGO Relations, Department of Public Information (DPI). Speakers: H.E. Mr. Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations ; Ms. Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace; Ms. Dot Maver, President, National Peace Academy; Mr. Michael O'Malley, Program Associate, Soka Gakkai International.


Bumblebee Factory, Australia

Bumblebee Creative Social Enterprises is an organisation helping communities around the world build a sustainable future. By nourishing creative potential in these communities, Bumblebee empowers people to develop their own creative ventures. Bumblebee provides aid in all aspects of enterprise development, including design, resource provision and management, networking, marketing and product transportation. The vision is to connect people in a life giving and fun process, filled with colour and joy that builds community and sustains it while creating a path forward to help others.


Wishes and Visions for Children and Youth in 2012


Corina Simon, Romania  

I wish children and youth from the very first moments of 2012 to actively search and define their dreams for their personal growth, betterment of the local and global human community and in service to the Earth. All our wishes may come true if we work together and build bridges that re-connect us in Unity and Empowerment.


My vision for 2012 is a resurgence of good news all over the planet, joy and hope returning to the furthest corners of the world, young people taking their destiny into their hands, standing up to their rights with nonviolence, encouragement and support of all forms pouring in from all sides to enable dreams come true. Love in action across the board. In the spirit of Ubuntu!


Divine Ntiokam, Cameroon  

The outcomes for  2011 has been very challenging as far as engaging young people in achieving Millenium Development Goals at global level but without withstanding during some of my participation in conferences such as the COP17, 2011 in Durban, the voices of youths were being heard though at limited extent.  

That said and done , I have the following suggestions in terms of mission and vision:  

  • Engaging youth people in a campaign to which I am involve term Eradicating Ecocide which is a tool to protect the Mother Earth
  • Calling on  stakeholders to assist the children and adolescents attend minimum educational requirement or profile
  • Involving them in the Rio+20 Processes and how this can final enhance the understanding of Sustainable Development as a whole and equally carry on a tree planting campaign


Most importantly:  

  • Preparing for the Peace campaign for the year 2012 to see how unity and love can be emphasized in all youth projects globally, and
  • Organizing as many workshops as possible to create awareness at national and international levels in order to meet up with COE plan of Action for subsequent years.


Nina Meyerhof, USA  

Dearest young People who carry the FUTURE,  

I have been awaiting this 2012 marker for all of my life sensing the most unbelievable potential of building a new culture of Peace and Understanding as One Family of Humankind. I feel like this is a birth-day party potential. You are so fortunate to take this torch of tomorrow and have it passed to you as a symbol of the prophesies coming to life. Of course, this the planet of hardship for learning our lessons yet ,on the other hand, we are able to create this new destiny of love and compassion. Please do hold this  in your minds and hearts to create a magnificence of your tomorrows for all of life.


I feel the tensions arising yet knowing it is YOU as YOUTH and CHILDREN of the generations to come who will be able to go beyond all physical borders as the "borderless generations" and become aware of your true inner self''s calling.  Naturally this is up to each one of you. Truth is what you hold and what you create. Then why not create the dream of a beautiful reality and release all karma from your Being. There is no need to repeat the tremendous cycles of pain .


You are the first generation that is free to create  collectively that which you hold with awareness . No more living in caves in meditation, now is the time to be who you are as an authentic soul self without an allegiance to your cultural demands. The world is yours and awaits your dreams into actions.It is then peace abides here and now and forever!     Mama Nina


Margaret Stearns, USA  

Vision: My generation experienced humanity's shift into an era of planetization. Events throughout the 20th century -global wars, human atrocities and unforeseen threats of ecological catastrophe-stimulated expansion of the collective human consciousness which gave rise to the founding of the United Nations and thousands of peace organizations, one of which is Children of the Earth.  This moment, the 2012 shift, coincides with a crucial period of life-passage for Children of the Earth.


Wishes: May the immanent re-shaping of Children of the Earth bring strength and longevity, transcending the life-times of its founders. May this organization, along with all its individual participants, associates and allies, be blessed with the grace, wisdom and creativity to continue to further universal love.  May it be truly said, "We Are One" effectively building World Peace throughout the 21st Century.


Sri Tathata, India  

Dear children of Eternity,

The world is celebrating Christmas on 25th of December, the birth of Jesus Christ. January 1st is the New Year. Let us celebrate them with new spirit and consciousness.  

By 2012 the Time is entering into a new phase of evolution. We have to shape our lives according to the changes in Nature. Otherwise we may not be able to find our lives harmonious. Prophets like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed Nabi, took birth in this world in order to spread virtue, compassion, and Divine wisdom. We have to imbibe the teachings of the Divine incarnation and spread them to the society around us. Good expectations [positive thinking], group prayers and holy chanting and meditations with single aim is necessary for it.  

Our aim is total transformation of our own selves as well as the world. Dharma will be the golden key for achieving those Divine goals. Let us reaffirm our commitment to live in Dharma and offer our service to the society. May the auspicious occasions for coming shower upon us more energy and spirit to live in the royal path of Dharma.
May everything be holy and Divine. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you throughout the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above. Happy Christmas. May the coming New Year brings to you all Prosperity, Good Health, Divine Light and Wisdom.


With Love & Blessings
Sri Tathata (translated)  



Scotland Hub Sends News from 2011

By Gavin


Take a peak into the work of one of Children of the Earth Hubs situated in Finndhorn, Scotland. Rejoice in their achievements and learn from their methods. Their example and action is creating ripples of hope and action around the world. Sharing the good news is Gavin, Hub Leader.




Nepal Schools Action Continued -  

1112 Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary
School Event in December 2011


By Jimmy Lama


Jimmy and Yash, friends of Children of the Earth and young Nepali get invited to speak to youth in a Kathmandu school at the invitation of an American volunteer. Inspiration and positive support get shared so read more about what went on.




Peacekeeper Training with the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

By Annalise Cohen


Chief of the Green Mountain Band of the Ani Yunwiwa, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo teaches how one can transform themselves over time by pacifying and purifying emotional states through meditation. Youth from COE Vermont Chapter write about their day.




World Day of Prayer and Action for Children, Nepal


Nepali youth that took part in World Spirit Youth Council continue and take leadership roles in organising 2011 World Day of Prayer and Action for Children. 






What's Up With Occupy Wall Street


By Chimay


Chimay and school colleagues of hers have looked into the social movement that has taken over all social media, Occupy Wall Street. See what they have discovered. COE is proudly supportive of its Ambassadors, like Chimay.




Beach Hatcheries and Baby Sea Turtle Release Programs


By Barbara Allinbloom


El Salvador Children of the Earth Ambassadors are working with the most remarkably successful community building collaboration: FUNZEL Program for Marine Turtle Conservation and the Improvement of: "Quality of Life in Coastal Communities".






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