Social Action Report

Samuel Ayivi, Chapter Leader in Togo, organizes National and International camps where youth and children come together to participate at cultural exchange programs.

During the 2005 National Cultural Exchange Program, 150 participants came together from different parts of Togo and participated in sport, art & music activities as well as in workshops on "the importance of culture."

In 2008, the International Cultural Exchange Program brought together young men from 5 different countries (Benin, France, Gabon, Ghana and Togo). During the event they offered music workshops where children and youth learned to play piano and guitar. They also formed study support groups to help children with their studies, offered computer skill and first aid training to people in the community and through fundraising projects they provided poor children in the area with the necessary school utensils and uniforms to attend school.

Despite the recent floods in Togo, Samuel  organized another youth gathering from the 2-8 of August 2010 where 65 people came together. Some of their activities included:

  • Sharing views on how to promote peace in their locality
  • Men and women participated on Whirl Sports
  • Offering music courses to children and youth in the community
  • Bringing awareness on how to prevent HIV- AIDS
  • Watching a Documentary on the importance of protecting the environment
  • The Children participated in a drawing contest on the topic of Peace and Love 
  • Enviromental Protection


Recent Activities

International Gathering 2011

In August 2011 Sam organized an International Gathering which was attended by 30 Youth and by Karoline Buys (COE's International Program Director) from Germany and Harriet Nettles from the USA. For a full Report Please see the attachments bellow!

“This camp was truly the most amazing camp in my life. I learned many things from Karoline and Harriet and they encouraged me to go further and be a great Peace ambassador in Togo and in the whole world. Their presence in Togo had a great impact on the lives of the chiefs, people in the community and especially on the participants.
They have also inspired us to launch a major awareness campaign on environmental protection through the collection of waste bags thrown to the ground.
Karoline and Harriett are really interested in this campaign; and they have given us many tips and ideas already. Your participation is also always welcome!
We will do our best to follow their example. The members of our COE Chapter in Togo have decided not to throw garbage on the ground any longer and educate others....” Samuel Ayivi

Program December 2011

10-23 December 2011

Theme: Let us clean the environment
Seminar on how to keep the environment clean
Location: Lomé and Kpalimé


December 24- 25

Chistams Contest

Theme: Mobilization in favor of Street Children.
Age Group: 6-15 Years old

For further details on how to participate in the Contest, please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.


Complete Program for 2012 (French Language)

Please see attachment at the bottom of this page.