Be The Change Now - August 2010

In January 2005, fifteen Youth Leaders met in Arosa, Switzerland. They arrived from all corners of the world with the vision to foster the future of Spirituality. They came to the conclusion that there is a pressing need for a new movement of youth who live inner peace and see the direct link inner transformation has in transforming and creating peace in the world. Through these discussions, the World Spirit Youth Council was formed.

The nucleus group is now inviting willing and passionate youth leaders to perceive, share, synergize and partake in ways of creating a future culture of inner peace and unity. There is growing scientific thought that proves the direct connection that our own inner world has on our environment and our planet. Since the beginning of time, Mystics from all disciplines have been hinting that our thoughts and feelings create our cognitive reality. Slowly, it seems, Science and Spirituality are fusing to show us that there is a way to understand life and to create the “world peace” that we so much desire. As it was written in the temple of Delphi “Know Thyself”…..and you will know the Universe and the gods.” It is by going beyond our own minds that we can finally consciously transform the subjective reality and become a more loving interrelated family of humankind.

Youth were invited to join us in Switzerland for the "Be the Change Now" summer gathering, starting on the 1st of August 2010 for a period of one week. Young people came together to explore groundbreaking mystical and scientific approaches for creating peace in our world.

They had the opportunity of formulating strategies and action plans to take spirituality into their part of the world and life, with the hope of spreading the ultimate truth, the "I Am That" (Tat Tvam Asi ) or "I Am that I Am" that lies within each individual’s potential.

The only path to true and lasting peace starts within our own hearts. Our world mirrors our own state of being. To truly transform the world is to begin transforming ourselves. Addressing only the symptoms and ignoring the cause of war and violence creates a "kink" in the chain. The separation we perceive "out there" is a direct mirror of our own separation that we have perpetrated and perpetuated within our own minds, hearts and psyche.

It is crucial to empower the youth of the world into a unified heart and mind, as they are the torchbearers of tomorrow in this way of being. Empower the youth - empower the future. It is the way to sustainable unity within our world.

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