Social Action Report

Sout Youth Association

Outreach Programs


The drama, dance and music performing arts group present outreach programs to schools, church youth groups and elderly people to enhance the message of hope, peace and  prosperity through spiritual development.  They also address social problems, i.e. alcohol abuse, prevention HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancy and prosperity through education.  Bible study classes are offered to the youth and street kids.  Every Friday evening there are praise and worship sessions for the children of the farming community.


The Youth assists children with study guidance, assignments, homework, computer skills and preparation for exams.  Leadership weekend courses are offered to the youth from our own communities, schools, other  youth programs and the Police Forum.  The Youth attend Life Skills development courses and entrepreneurship courses, i.e., manufacturing of wooden crosses that serve as key holders and are sold to raise money to support our youth programs.


Regional outreach programs are carried out by the youth at day care centers and clinics where the Youth help assist cancer patients.  There is a mobile soup kitchen once a month with the support of Shoprite Supermark – to help feed children, elderly people, jobless women-headed households.


The Youth help clean day care centers and primary school’s bathrooms as well as old age homes – to enhance personal hygiene.  Vegetable gardens are maintained by our youth.  They also participate at annual nature camps to establish environmental awareness and responsibility.

The  impact of the Sout Youth Association outreach programs:

  • Positive change of attitude towards life, selfworth and dignity Kids are studying the Bible
  • Increasing of youth attending spiritual meetings etc.
  • Decrease in teenagers using alcohol, drugs and teenage pregnancies
  • Street kids returning to school with a positive attitude
  • Assistance with homework – positive change in their exam results.
  • Positive attitude towards environmental conservation
  • Youth commitment towards assisting the poor in there own communities as well as disabled and elderly.
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