Social Action Report

The Scotland hub has been holding monthly meetings since March. And, in April we had a huge launch with over 30 people attending our celebration. We start each meeting with a meditation of gratitude and appreciation to the Earth and all species, including humans, and our gatherings move forward from this connection-to-the-whole space. At the moment we are focused as a small group of young adults/ youth leaders, intent on developing COE within Scotland, but starting locally in Findhorn and Forres. We have become affiliated with the Scottish National Youth organization "Youth Scotland" for public liability insurance and to complete the disclosure process which allows us to work with children and young people.

May 2011 Meeting 

We held our Children of the Earth gathering in the Youth Building of the Findhorn Foundation.  We started with outdoor games "stuck in the mud" then a name game (in two teams you run down to a cone, turn round 5 times, then attempt to write your name in the air using your bottom- it really does take away all sense of self-consciousness and helps us come together- it was funny.

We had some amazing adults who gathered with us, many who were part of a "Northern Lights" delegation who were facilitaing the "Embodying Wisdom" conference in Findhorn. I myself (Gavin) was honoured to hold a nature solo with Council sharing as part of the conference. We had some truly inspiring people who wished us well in our next steps with working with more young people. Then we went inside to watch some inspiring short videos around empowerment, we had a Council sharing around the core values of COE and our own personal feelings.
Lucy led us into a body feeling exercise to connect with our self and others (in pairs) and we then shared our experiences.  Lorenz then held an Earth Healing guided meditation which felt really amazing.  Finally we all went outside (lovely music playing) , lit a fire and had a pot luck dinner, sharing our stories and generally celebrating life on Earth. There were around 15 people who attended this gathering, and it really felt like the start of what will become more regular adult and youth gatherings.

June 2011 Meeting

We sat in "Council" and shared our stories, Lucy and Lorenz were inspired by a talk last night by a lady from South Africa who presented her work with Inter-species communication and how every human being has this ability, if we simply become still, and open our hearts, to communicating with the other species of our planet.
We discussed offering a program to the local High School, which initially tackles the local bullying (and cyber- bullying) issues. The goal is to create authentic and meaningful dialogue to explore more about who we each are, specifically through drama, nature and Council sharing, within the over arching ethos of COE.
Gavin’s ultimate aim as Scotland Hub Coordinator is to have a number of volunteer hub leaders running regular meetings in a number of locations in Scotland that could then link in to an annual Scottish event which will combine SOPP, a Scottish "Butterfly Effect” and other Europe wide activities COE and like-minded organisations create.

Current Projects

Anti-Bullying Project

Lucy Thomas (co-founder and secretary of COE Scotland) has just secured a £10,000 funding for an anti-bullying project called “Belong-Longing to Be ME”. This will allow COE Scotland  to partner with the local High School and to involve pupils in this anti-bullying project which has its heart and intentions fully rooted in Children of the Earth, and is really the first big step out to the local community since becoming established earlier this year.
This  funded project is the first step in the work of COE Scotland , and engaging with the local School is a perfect platform to  launch COE activities locally.

For more detailed information about the great project, please see the PDF File bellow

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