Regional Background

Scotland is often recognised by onlookers as a Country that has always fought for its Independence, for its right to be recognised for its culture, heritage, natural landscape, and for its uniqueness; as a country of people that honours its history and its roots, it is a place steeped in magic, mystery, mysticism and religion.

From the Highlands and Islands to the Lowlands and Borders, the natural environment in Scotland is diverse and distinct to all who visit and live here.

From The island of Iona and the Island of Staffa to Dumfries, the ancient Capital of Scotland, and the home of the European Sanctuary of "The World Peace Prayer Society", Scotland has so much to offer on so many levels.

“May the wind that rustles your hair, the rain that falls on your face, the snow that purifies our land and the sun that shines its light, speak to each of us as a land that we are proud to call our own, Scotland is a place that lives in my heart, mind and soul as well as a physical place that I love." - Gavin Morgan