Leadership Team

Vision of COE Scotland

Gavin Morgan

“My wish is to work with my friends and colleagues, from many places in Scotland and overseas, to support young people come together as “Children of The Earth”. I want to hold COE hub meetings all around Scotland where everyone can Connect, Dream, Envision and Create a New World, starting HERE!, Starting NOW!"

As a Youth worker and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award officer (www.moray.gov.uk/dofe.org) in Moray I am keen to connect with young people and adults (we are all children of the earth).
Living so close to The Findhorn Foundation community (http://www.findhorn.org/) and volunteering with The Findhorn Foundation College, (http://www.findhorncollege.org/index.php) and as a volunteer and representative of The World Peace Prayer Society (http://www.worldpeace.org/) and Byakko Shinlko Kai (http://www.byakko.org/)  my wish is to work with my friends and colleagues from many places in Scotland and overseas to support young people in Scotland come together as "Children of The Earth".

Gavin is a passionate Youth worker and a Summer Mountain Leader, who is keen to connect with youth and adults of all ages. As the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award officer in Moray (www.moray.gov.uk/dofe.org), he has coordinated awards achievements for over 300 young people. He is a co-facilitator of the “Butterfly Effect”- European Youth Exchange on “Creative Sustainability”. Gavin is a volunteer with the Findhorn Foundation College (http://www.findhorncollege.org/index.php), as well as a volunteer and representative of the World Peace Prayer Society (http://www.worldpeace.org/) and Byakko Shinko Kai (http://www.byakko.org/).

Gavin’s Dreams

For Peace to Prevail on Earth!
For every human being to feel empowered and inspired in their daily lives!
For every human being to honour themselves, each other, the lands they live on, the lands of others, the cultures, traditions, religions and beliefs of others, recognising that in the great diversity of life, there is also common ground and that we are all ONE FAMILY.

"The Great Turning” is upon us, where each human being is awakening to truth and inspired to help themselves and others change their world for the better. If we lived our lives like the Native American tradition, who sit in council and make decisions based on the next 7 generations of their children, then we would live a more harmonious, joyful, peaceful, balanced and fun existence. More so than any other time in our history, this can be a reality, let us each make it so!"- Gavin Morgan

Lorenz Gramann (Committee Member)

“ … I see children growing into their adolescence and adulthood consciously, guided by grown-ups and elders, who reopened the gates to their own Inner Child, who reconnected with Nature and who are re-establishing the Rites of Passage, we all need in times of transition. The children value being mentored in this way and I see them mentoring the even younger ones. They learn to keep their uniqueness and to trust in their authentic impulses and their intuition. I see them enjoying to be in solitude and in groups alike, listening and speaking from the heart. I see them being honest and transparent with their feelings, their fears and sadness, their anger and their joy. They are intelligent, mentally as well as emotionally, sensually as well as intuitively. They feel at home in their bodies and they know their aptitude and limits. I see them comfortable in oppositional worlds, the virtual and the natural, the inner and the outer. I see them in intimate conversation with the invisible worlds. They know how to listen to the small, quiet inner voice. They know how to be still. I see them in respectful, empathic and caring connection to nature, animals, plants, even minerals as well as their fellow humans. I see them critical and constructive. And I see them wild! … “

Most of my adult life I have been spending with reintegrating all of the above, to become a Child of the Earth again, to feel safe and welcome on this planet. Grateful I am for all the tools I learned on my path (www.holistic-guide.eu : Biodynamic Psychotherapy, Kundalini Naam Yoga, Active Imagination, Meditation, the Way of Council, Harmonyum Healing, Nature Awareness etc.) and I wish to serve the children of this planet I am honoured to meet by helping them not to lose what they already own. They are the present and the future. Eventually we all are Children of the Earth. 

Em Magenta (Committee Member)

I live outside. In nature I thrive. It is my greatest teacher.
I design & build with health in mind, creating environments that teach, using ponies,
permaculture and a lifetimes’ experience in self-reliance. I’m 48, with three fledged offspring
returned to live and work in the forest where they were raised. The fourth lives and works with me, his dog and 5 ponies.

Lucy Thomas (Secretary)

Life leads me to Children of the Earth. I 'm happy to serve vision and it serves me to do so.

I see that the future comes through the new, the newest.... often the young among us can point to the inconvenient truths that the establishment avoids in order to survive …...and their love for the planet is disarming
I stand among and behind these ones.

I have been a teacher in primary and secondary schools in England, New Zealand and Scotland. Now I educate and perform freelance – for projects I believe in and in which I can share the fun of creating.

I love to witness the process of becoming.   Education means to bring forth – this is what I stand by as I volunteer for Children of the Earth Scotland – that what how we be and what we do is dedicated to bringing forth the innate brilliance of each one of us.

In this way the world is healed

Steve Gasgarth ( Treasurer)

“I am passionate about working with young people, particularly teenagers and young adults in groups, individually, and particularly re-connecting with nature. Watching these young humans unfold, let down their guards and begin to remember who they and each other really are touches me deeply and affirms my reason for being here on this planet.

Youth Work, Mentoring, Nature Connection, Training, Music Workshops, Projects – at the heart of all the work I do is providing the means for a person to be able to create a little space around and inside themselves to allow their natural process to unfold.

Growing up in a community where family were close, neighbours looked after each other and children of all ages met, mentored, played and explored nature together, he longs to have this as a natural part of life for all children.

Now working with my friends and colleagues at CoE Scotland, I am taking another step to co-create a life where all my work is within the flow of my life’s path and with people I love, trust and can be my true self with at all times”.

Steven is an experienced Youth Worker, Musician, DJ, Healing Practitioner, has trained in the Way of Council, Art of Mentoring and Shamanism, and is currently training as a Psychotherapist in the field of Process Oriented Psychotherapy (www.rspopuk.com).

Passionate about Children, Youth and Community, he has been working in this field in different ways for 18 years. From teaching and mentoring young DJs, Artists, Graphic Designers and Vocalists in his early 20’s to co-facilitating the Findhorn Foundation’s ‘Youth Experience’ weeks (www.findhorn.org/programmes/14/) and the “Butterfly Effect European Youth Exchange on “Creative Sustainability” (sites.google.com/site/butterlyexchange2011/home), with work in education, charities, communities and the social care sector in between, it has been a rewarding journey.

At present Steven is the Children and Youth Co-ordinator for the New Findhorn Association (http://www.findhorn.com/nfa) in the Findhorn Foundation Community in the North East of Scotland.