Social Action Report

The efforts of Children of the Earth Nigeria are presently centered around Imo, a state located in the southeast region of Nigeria. Princess Ukaga is coordinating other peace activists with the intention of creating branches of Children of the Earth throughout Nigeria.

With the help of anonymous funding, this pump makes water more available for families and their children.

Princess has a great ally in Imoh Colins, also working for a better future for the people of Nigeria. He is the founder and director of “PROTECT OUR FUTURE.”

On March 29, 2007, in Port Harcourt, “PROTECT OUR FUTURE” launched the PEACE AND CIVIC EDUCATION PROJECT for which Colins is the executive director.  The primary component at the launching was a teacher training workshop intended to give teachers the skills to enable a democratic, rather than military approach, to educational process.  Additional components will be student training workshops, formation of Peace Clubs and the creation of a Manual on Peace Building and Peer Mediation in schools. The project is based on the premise that if students / youths who form a significant majority of Nigeria’s population, know their rights and cultivate a culture of democracy and skills for living peacefully (including the ability to elect their leaders themselves), they will be a powerful voice in sustaining democratic values and a CULTURE OF PEACE.  It is an invaluable way to create a better future.

2010 Projects

Youth empowerment project

Despite education being free in Nigeria, many parents do not send their children to school. That's why Princess is committed to educating parents as well as children on the importance of child education so as to give them the opportunity of a better future. Some of their educational programs include teaching young people hairdressing, carpentry and crafworks and helping them find a job.

Women Microloan project 

This project has been designed to enabled extremely impoverished women, especially widows and food-sellers to engage in self-employment projects that allow them to generate an income and, in many cases, begin to build wealth and exit poverty. Some of their self-emplyment projects are selling local made inhalers for healing purposes, selling dry fish and making Body pomade.

Community action project

At the Peace center they provide children with a source of income by buying from them beads that they find in the bush during their free time and teaching the girls how to make necklaces, bangles and cups from those beads so they can sell them and help feed their families.