Nepal Schools Action Continued - 1112 Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School Event in December 2011

This is to share with you about a wonderful event Yash and I (Jimmy) had an opportunity to do at Shree Mahalaxmi Secondary School in a village called Lubhu on the outskirt of Kathmandu, Nepal. We were invited by a volunteer there called Olivia Drabczyk who is an American student from New York teaching under FullFright Scheme. After reading about me in one of the Nepalese broadsheets, she contacted me to come to talk to her students of age 14 to 18 and she, who is filled with lots of inspiration to help Nepalese children, is herself leading lots of projects within the school and outside.

Both Yash and I are connected with COE and we are passionate and firm believers of the change that can come with young people leading spiritual activism just like the Junior Red Cross who feel they need to paint their classrooms and buy a computer although it could easily be called as the school administration's responsibility.   

Part of the event we had separate interactions with different classes. The school also has a Junior Red Cross Society established with lots of energetic and caring ideas for their school and community development. The grade 9 will even do a workshop and write a report on the key values of Children of the Earth. I left couple of brochures for them to find out about COE as a way for them to connect to the world of activities led by young people.

What is amazing about this school is that their education seems to be well-rooted in Nepali culture despite being so close to the influence of modernity. They love to sing Nepali songs and they respect what they have and what is theirs yet yearn for what more they can achieve in order to tune up with the world.

Yash and I hope to keep doing more of this to connect for the joy and in the meantime transmit the principles and values that we COE family nurture and care about.

All in all, it was an inspiring day of bringing young people together.

By Jimmy Lama