Social Action Report


Given the violence and destruction my country experienced in the past as a result of tribal and religious intolerance, I have a dream of spreading the Spirit Youth Hub across the country. I feel that I am under obligation to make my country realize that our similarities can unite us more than our differences can divide us. I believe that we must not all be the same by tribe and creed before we embrace one another, for our diversity is a source of strength and not weakness. It is not just interesting for us to belong to different tribes and faiths but it is necessary because different people, with different ideas, bring alternative solutions to complex societal issues. This is the idea that we intent to spread in the youth community across the country. 

First of all I want to concentrate on consolidating the group  here in Bong County and I am amazed by the fact that most of my youth gatherings welcome the idea with enthusiasm.

I am focused on working with very influential young leaders from various faith-based organizations to be able to easily reach out to communities and institutions were they have tremendous influence because, for me, true success is scored when ordinary youth  who have little or no education and live in extreme vulnerability, come to understand that their desperation should not be exploited by politicians and hate message preachers who wish to use them for tribal and religious conflict.


The Hub holds weekly meetings at Cuttington University and in Gbarnga City to strengthen their social bonds.

We have had three mayor Spirit Youth Hub meetings and several other consultative meetings with various youth and religious groups across the county:

  1. Solidarity Elementary School: The Hub discussed  strategies directed at sustaining and advancing the Hub.
  2. Super Bongese Radio: The Hub Discussed about free publicity and  means to make a greater impact on youth.
  3. Radio Gbarnga: At this meeting the Hub decided to have a Launching Program , were they used sports through a series of outdoor games to unite the youth.  

Project and Activities

Together with the Bong Muslim Student Association The Hub  helped organize and facilitate a Peace Education and Community Development Workshop in Gbarnga.

The Hub organized and facilitated the first friendly football encounter between Christian and Muslim students at Cuttington University,  Bong County. The Keynote Speakers, were Liberia's Minister of Youth and Sports who spoke on the topic the " Role of Young People in Consolidating Religious Tolerance and Promoting National Unity in Liberia",
A senior Professor of theology and the Episcopalian Prof. Marlene Smith who spoke briefly on tolerance and progress.