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Sedekie B. Kamara

Sedekie was born in August 6, 1986. Four years later, the Liberian Civil War began and he and his family were forced to flee into neighbouring Cote d’ivoire. His father  Mr. Abu V. Kamara established a Refugee School in the Ivorian town of Danane’ where he, served as principal. They lived there until 1998 when they were finally repatriated to Libeira by the UNHCR. While in Liberia, another war erupted in May 2001 that forced the Kamaras back in La Cote d’Ivoire. By this time Sedekie was at the verge of being promoted to the tenth grade.
On the 28th of November 2001, While they were in La Cote d’Ivoire, for the second time as refugees, trying to pick up the broken pieces of their lives, war broke out in the Ivorian town of Danane’, where they lived . This left them with no options but to flee to neighboring Guinea. There, they lived in the Laine Refugee Camp until 2007 when the UNHCR gave refugees an ultimatum to either repatriate to Liberia or integrate into the Guinean Society. By then, Liberia was making progress. Elections had been organized, Ellen John Sirleaf had won and the international community was making huge investments in Liberia to secure her speedy recovery.
Sedekie moved to Liberia ahead of his family to find opportunities to continue his education. By this time he had already graduated from high school in the Refugee Camp.
Thanks to Marinda Lavut and Sarah Elliot who are financing his education, Sedekie is a senior student at the Cuttington University reading Economics and Public Administration.

Leadership Team and Members of COE Liberia

  • Youth Members of  "Radio Gbarnga" and "Super Bongese", News Department.
  • Papa Morris, News Editor at Super Bongese who provides the Hub with free publicity
  • Victor Flormo, President of the Bong Student Union
  • The President and Members of YMCA,
  • Leadership Team of the Catholic youth association,
  • Leadership Team and Members of the Bong Muslim Student Association
  • Members of the Bong University Student Association
  • Members of the Bong Muslim Youth Association
  • Youth from the Baha'i Faith including Alvin, one of Baha’i youth Leaders