Leadership Team

Simran Vedvyas, the Youth Group Country Activator - UAE for The Earth Charter and a student from The Millennium School Dubai – United Arab Emirates, UNEP TUNZA Eco Generation Regional Ambassador Middle East and Youth Ambassador Eye on Earth is also the Ambassador and Spokesperson for Cosmo Foundation and she herself represents the YOUTH from around the world whose population is 1.1 billion which constitutes a major world population. 

Cosmo Foundation is an NGO listed and accreditated with Department of Economic and Social Affairs  (DESA) of United Nations and Government of India.  We are conducting Technical Classes and Courses for Youth Empowerment.  We have introduced for the first time in India, the e-learning teaching methods of Windows XP and Ms. Office through certified Software.  We are facilitating conducting studies and examinations in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand areas of India. We believe in Youth education, awareness and sustainable development. We function with the objective to raise awareness and educate our youth with technical expertise to eradicate poverty and make them independent, especially focusing the rural and impoverished youth and at the same time stress on the need and acts of sustainable development

Simran Vedvyas, has been an active environmentalist by participating in the Earth Charter International’s Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics initiatives and since the past 5 years her association as Student member with the Emirates Environmental Group in the United Arab Emirates has given her many opportunities each year to participate in the Earth Hour Events, Clean Up drives, Toners, plastic, Can Collection and tree planting initiatives for a safer Environment. She participate in special Eco activities and she, advocate for the same through various platforms like painting and photography, through internet, debates and blogs, by conducting workshops for students to raise environmental awareness. She is promoting many new campaigns and ideas which will benefit the future generations.

Our Youth Ambassador Simran Vedvyas,  was very active during EYE ON EARTH 2011 SUMMIT, held in Abu Dhabi in December, when she participated in the hypothetical –and the Speech and presentation she made at the Eye on Earth 2011, after the signing of the declaration by the high esteem delegates and officials from UNEP, UAE MINISTRY AND EAD.

She also participated in the group 4 which was the working group on raising awareness and education about sustainable environment, got the opportunity to listen to great speeches and presentations, interview some great people and also made her presentations and represent youth.

Our other campaigns included “ khushiyaan Baaton” 2010, 2011 and 2012.  This campaign focused on the impoverished in the rural areas and with the help of the local Supermarket giant- Big Bazar, and several other corporate, aid was provided to combat extreme cold weather conditions and harsh living conditions for rural and interiors in India.