Social Action Report

COE Chapter Leader, Sam Fianko, is the founder of Dynamic Youth Club of Ghana (DYCOG)a youth association which is strongly involved in youth empowerment, health issues, poverty alleviation, sound environmental practices and peace building.

A Chapter of COE since 2006, the DYCOG has been organizing talks and seminars for the youth in secondary and primary schools. 

Target Areas:

  • Health and Life Skills
  • Education and Career
  • Character and Leadership
  • Promotion of Peace
  • Environmental Protection

Our Focus:           

We believe that to change a man’s behavior you only have to direct his thoughts to reflect in his actions.  We have realized that as a developing country, most of our people do what they do because of the information available to them. Therefore, positively changing the mindset of the youth to overcome ignorance especially in the targeted areas (mentioned above) is our main objective.

Training Youth in Life Skills in the Dangbe East District of Ghana:

  • Construction & Usage of Smokeless Stoves to Prevent Pollution
  • Cabbage Plantation
  • Preparation of Cassava Biscuits - Cassava is a perennial food source that does well in poor soil with low rainfall. Serves resource-poor farmers as a subsistence or a cash crop.                      

Current Projects: 

DYCOG is in collaboration with “Kae Dabi” (Be Mindful of the Future) Drama Group to educate the youth and the public through drama and play about:

  • Environmentalism
  • Health
  • Peace Building
  • Poverty Alleviation.

Kae Dabi will be embarking on 4 regional tours to educate the public about:

  • Importance of Female Child Education
  • Health Issues - HIV, Malaria, & Tuberculosis
  • Peace Building
  • Environmental Protection