Leadership Team

Kehkashan Basu

Being born on 5th June which is also World Environment Day, I feel that I am pre-ordained to be an eco-warrior. My objective is to take a leadership role in spreading awareness about conservation in my school and community and also be a role model by practicing the tenets of conservation.




Who am I, Who are you?
.... Kehkashan Basu

Swirling grey mists of smog blot out the sun
Honking cars, belching smoke, at every turn
Millions and zillions of plastic bags threaten to choke
Why are we all in such a self-destruct mode?

I look at myself in the mirror one night ,
I cannot recognise the reflection, try as I might!
A pale, shrivelled, burnt out face stares back at me
Quite different from what I ought be
Who am I, Who are you?
Can this reflection of mine be really true?

Take action before it gets too late
We must not allow others to decide our fate
Restore mother nature back to her pristine glory
Let us all join hands to change the script of this sad story

The call to action must echo throughout the globe
Children and adults alike must work to bring back hope
Plant trees, cut down on pollutants, go green
Bring back the environment to its original sheen
Developed nations need to take the lead
And others too need to come up to speed !

Mirror , oh mirror , show us a greener image
Without the smog & dirt, just a clean visage
Who am I, Who are you?
Let the image be green and true!