Etta Kantor

Vice President, is an environmentalist, peace activist, Reiki master, Interfaith minister and founder of the Planetarian movement. She was the Connecticut campaign coordinator for U.S. Presidential candidate, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. She is President and CEO of the Kantor Family Foundation which supported at least fifty programs that benefited women, children and the environment. The Foundation created an organization called the Center of Being to benefit women and children from shelters. She has been a volunteer for the past ten years at Project Return, which is a group home for teenage girls in Connecticut. Currently, Etta’s concern for the environment and sustainability has prompted her to drive her car on waste vegetable oil. This led to her visiting schools to talk about the car and sustainability and coining the word “planetarian” as a humanitarian caring for the planet. She is currently planning to build a sustainable house. Etta received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rollins College in 1968.