Domen Kocevar

Domen Kocevar, is a founder and director of THEOSOPHICAL LIBRARY OF ALMA M. KARLIN, Liberal Catholic Bishop, Kriya yoga student, founder and director of a Medical Center Paracelsus, teacher of Sociology and Theology and presently working on PHD thesis ONE HUMANITY.

His conscious walk of spiritual path begun after an unrevokable realisation of interconnectednes of All life, seeing that there is no Other. Years following were dedicated to finding a personal way to become the best servant to Humanity as a whole. He became and still is a part of the oldest new age group in Slovenia that nurtures ancient wisdom in its widest, helped spiritual groups and traditons to find light, seeded esoteric and liberal christianity and western esoteric mystery schooling, and is fostering qualities of synthesis, group work and inclusivity.

He was part of the editor team of pagan magazine PANPOGAN.

In 2009 he founded the library with more than 11.000 monographs (6000 not present in Slovenia before) on all religions, spiritual paths, western esoteric traditions, philosophy, sociology, new science, economy, and community living approaches... Library is organizing mini symposiums on different subjects for explorations towards recognizing the fact of oneness of humanity. "Science and Art"; "World Ethos – base for world peace"; "Living in the multicultural world"; "Role of women in religion"; "Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all" are just few of the titles.

A visit to the PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS in 2016 activated him to step from study and meditation stage to become an active servant oriented more and more to the youth and education. He believes that Humanity is prepared to do a major step towards goup realization of One Human Family which will result in unevitiability to do the minimum good to each other.

Presently working with Dr. Nina Meyerhof on ONE HUMANITY INSTITUTE