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Children of the Earth 2013


REFLECT is the journey that we take to awaken the inner self. The path may include meditation, contemplation, and/or prayer. As we become still, we hear the inner calling of our authentic self and experience personal purpose.



CONNECT bridges the perceived gap between self and others and leads to unity. Through deep compassion and listening, conflict transcendence and non-violent commun-ication, we learn that it is possible to live in harmony, and thus we weave the interconnectedness of our family worldwide.




ACT is taking the inspired will to serve others in the world through individual actions, local projects and global work These acts are based on spiritual principles and ethics of Spiritual Activism.

Dear Friends,


We all recognize we are in a period of global upheaval. Children of the Earth knows the actions of today's youth will shape the future.


Children of the Earth has been leading the cutting edge of pioneering for positive change for 25 years. We recognize, train and facilitate youth of all faiths and spiritualities into roles of leadership. We have successfully created a community of spiritual activists dedicated to pluralism and diversity who are positioned around the world to take their next natural steps. We provide spiritually motivated youth an opportunity to think globally and act locally.


Children of the Earth exists because of you, a passionate and dedicated group of donors. Your donation to our dynamic non-profit is an investment in an innovative world movement harnessing the power of positive change. Your support empowers these inspired individuals to become the problem solvers and innovators of the future. Children of the Earth creates a unique contribution to manifesting world peace.


Looking ahead to 2013, with your help, we will embrace new beginnings designed to secure the future of Children of the Earth. You are an essential part of our $40,000 fundraising goal.


Funds will be applied to the following directives:

  • Implementation of a Succession Planning Strategy Nina Meyerhof, Founder and President, will be passing the torch of leadership to a director and a team of youth, to steer and energize the future of Children of the Earth.
  • Sponsoring a Five Day Pioneering Spiritual Activism Workshop 
    This standardized training workshop will be the beginning of a self-sustaining legacy for Children of the Earth youth leaders.

We encourage you to follow our ever expanding activity via our newsletters, website and Facebook page. We are merely the gatekeepers of the path to the future. It is time to look to youth as leaders. They hold the solutions in their hands, heads and hearts.


Give generously and support a legacy of peace.


Please send your donations to COE at 26 Baycrest Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403 or visit and donate directly.


May your New Year be filled with blessings of PEACE. 


Nina Meyerhof 


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