Children of the Earth - December 2015

This is a critical time in our world. Our youth require our support more than ever before to inspire them in taking action towards the future that they are destined to create. Your contribution will assist us to continue our work with youth leaders all over the world to inspire and equip them to live meaningful lives by assisting to become social change agent and spiritual activists.
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Nina Meyerhof, President and Founder of Children of the Earth is interviewed by R. Di Done at the "Building the New World" Conference, Radford University
Nina Meyerhof explains what her organization does to foster positive feelings in young people who may be suffering and feel lost, so they can discover who they are, what they want to do and how they can make a difference in the world. She also discusses the psychology behind bullying in young people.
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COE went to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama with the Children's Declaration of Peace and the Torch of Hope. At the meeting HH Dalia Lama handed Nina the Torch and said she is to be responsible for the children of the earth and thus his message continues around the world.

This torch---became the Children's Torch of Hope which travels around the world to be held by thousands of children imbuing the torch with their hopes and dreams and experiencing all the symbolism collected within. The Torch traveled with a bus load of young people from San Francisco at the UN World Summit For Children to NY UN and to Vermont stopping at many events. Then on to Turkey to Switzerland and to many other exotic places especially to critical areas where children needed HOPE and finally back to the US.

A sculpture to represent the torch was created in Chapultepec Park  in Mexico
Simran Vedvyas (UAE Chapter Leader) and her organziation SynergY participated in the largest national tree planting effort in the United Arab Emirates. The event  engaged close to 60 youth in the planting of 400 native Ghaf trees and took place at a landfill site. The event was part of the Plant for the Planet Program. 
Dearest Friends, 
In the times of LIGHT for our World and yet times of knowing we are carrying a deep sense of concern for our fellow humans and the environment it becomes our opportunity to stand for LOVE. There are 2 basic feelings that seem to govern our behaviors and they are fear or love... and thus we act accordingly. So please, we beseech you, consider each negative thought as pain causing and each positive thought as embracing. Maybe together we can start to build new solutions. Beginning with our minds and then moving into action. This is Spiritual Activism as sacred caring into concrete changes. Our thoughts are the wings that generate activity in next generation and they carry this forward. Peace is possible.

Children of the Earth is doing major outreach while weaving projects and programs and individuals carrying the torch of Spiritual Activism. We have focused on several activities from bringing refugees to the United Nations for the International Day of Peace, to presenting our projects at the Parliament of Religions to setting up an interactive TV program for dialogue amongst the young refugee population within the schools in Vermont to evolving a partnership with European countries focused on interfaith activities for uniting us as a common humanity beyond our difference. 
In 2016 Princess is developing the One Peaceful Africa program and we are off to Ghana to do a COE Training in March. Mark and Laura are working on Centers in Nepal for community outreach for young people. In other countries we speak with young people to help with projects from bee keeping within a small community to creating COE Chapters throughout the schools in one city which will be called the City of Love in India. In Haiti we are doing more Teddy Bear outreach for orphans. Our caring reaches far beyond traditional borders and into the hearts of many young people worldwide. Our newsletters only tell the story of the few but many youth and children wish to enroll in actions that illustrate being part of a world community. We can support them and give them their voice with skill building and networking and their own sustainability.

We ask you to becoming a sustaining supporter of Children of the Earth with our monthly payment plan via our website at or to send your gift with our enclosed contribution card. Your money will support our youth in action. 
Many Blessings from all of us at COE.
  "I believe in this work, spiritual activism for sacred good ... what would be on my epitaph? Something about a life of service, that I gave myself to the dream and the dream has meaning."
Nina has made a life of advocating for children and youth. Her story is shared in this beautiful legacy video.
The Parliament of the World's Religions is the oldest, the largest, and the most inclusive gathering of people of all faiths and traditions. Yearly, 10,000 people from 80 nations and 50 different faiths gather together to discuss importance of peace, leadership, and spirituality.
COE's presentation on Youth Activism started with a video followed by Nina speaking about COE's mission of inspiring and uniting young people through personal and social transformation, to create a peaceful and sustainable world by exploring their inner life, to be socially responsible and unite in peace building. Nina also spoke about what inspired her to start Children of the Earth 25 years ago. Princess talked about the work COE has done around the world and in Africa. Jimmy talked about his work in Nepal and the schools they built after the earthquake. I (Elizabeth) talked about what inspired me to start my project in India and last but not least, Jennifer talked about synthesizing the vision of CEO with the stories that were presented.
"In an echo of the ferocious debate that is gripping Europe about the fate of the millions of Syrians thrown from their country by civil war, Twin Falls, Idaho is grappling with the question of whether taking in a next generation of refugees from the Middle East is wise and safe....Jennifer Thornquest is among those who have responded from the other side, arguing that Twin Falls should follow the teachings of Jesus and practice what she calls "radical hospitality."

"Because of the organic nature of PROJECT 25 and Green Across the World, Children of The Earth was given a platform for an interactive discussion, which lead to the presentation of Children of the Earth's (peace) work and projects around the world."
Princess Ukaga
COE Director
For the past years, the Children of the Earth organization takes young girls and boys to New York City for the United Nations IDP. Many of these young people come from the Resettlement center of Vermont. ln 2013 l, Princess, was selected to be one of the international individuals to attend the IDP. This experience helped me to talk to others about the need for them to visit the UN, because it is an experience of a life time.
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