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Dear Friends,


Children of the Earth, a UN and UNICEF NGO, knows the actions of today's youth will shape the future. We have been pioneering positive change for over 25 years. We offer empowerment and leadership skills programs at home and abroad; address global issues nationally and at international forums, and foster building networks of cooperation, multicultural understanding, spiritual values and ethical living skills. COE develops peace centers and meetings for teaching peace-building, peace-making, and peace-keeping skills around the globe. Below is just a sampling of our current activity.



Directed by Princess Ukaga, of Nigeria, One Peaceful Africa calls forth individuals who desire to be peace builders and have a passion to unify the youth of Africa as a positive force. Trainings, concerts, and a large summit for 2016 are being planned with the goal of giving voice and connecting a community of young people in Africa. We want to show the world that Africa is a home for a rising caring generation. To learn more contact:



Mark Harris of Canada, is organizing the creation of a cultural center in Nepal that will host retreats and workshops on spirituality, leadership, and the arts with content collaboration founded on COE's core principles and curriculum. They are offering an exciting opportunity to tour Nepal in Spring 2015, which will also serve as a fundraiser for the Center. For details connect with:



A select core group of COE graduates have committed to take on COE operations and responsibilities - both fostering and inspiring COE growth and sustainability. This evolution in leadership will birth new connections with today's millenial youth ages 18-25 and ensure a truly youth driven legacy for Children of the Earth.      


We ask you to becoming a sustaining supporter of Children of the Earth with our monthly payment plan via our website at or to send your gift with our enclosed contribution card. Your money will support our youth in action. 


Wishing you blessings,


Nina Meyerhof

President, Children of the Earth


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