Occupy Earth

Nina Meyerhof
Nina Meyerhof - Founder, Children of the Earth

It is time we consider that we, as EARTH’s occupants, must live in harmony and balance with equity for all. The movement of Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and all the others uprisings are now the call for humanity to go beyond what systems exist and topple the old institutions and have them follow human’s needs. These needs once seen as an aspect of dominance now are a call to realign and circle the earth as one world family in service to all of life.

Children of the Earth is a youth spirit/peace organization acting around the world as the “Hope Generation” to create positive social action through local projects as well as organizing other youth.... thus translating our mission into a movement. OCCUPY EARTH movement worldwide.

Youth with proper skills and inner realizations will initiate a relevant transforming of society. We believe in peaceful changes that include skills in dialoguing with the "oppositional party" to create a holistic understanding and conversation. If you look at Mandela, King or Gandhi they each had methods that truly impacted not only their own country but also the world at large. We believe that embedded in all religions is a heritage of peace so it would be our purpose to uncover this and bring forward these memories. With these memories, a youth movement that does not instill fear, but rather, love and compassion could stand out as a poignant movement. We are training young adults as well as leaders to learn these skills and then develop goals for social change and go into peaceful warrior action.

Youth empowered will occupy earth in right relationship. As the next generation discovers their inner authentic call, understanding the inter connection of life, they are organizing themselves in connecting to deal with civil unrest as it is occurring in the world with goals and action plans.

The future must move from problem focused to integration of holistic understanding so that all peoples of the world may live a life of peace. The uprest or civil unrest is only a symptom of the cause. Now all are organizing but have not yet understood that this is the 2012 reorganizing. It is time of birth  of change and our great opportunity to move into a family of one humanity caring for ourselves and each other.

This is the time of re-evolution and youth are ready to move into world action. The commitment is to build positive change.

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