My visit to Auschwitz … Nina

Nina Meyerhof


“Many individuals and groups have been to Auschwitz to heal old wounds. We had come instead to start a Culture of Love…to call in the souls of the past to   move beyond the heaviness into a sanctuary of supporting the evolution of consciousness for the new paradigm shift.”
   - Nina Meyerhof, President and Founder of Children of the Earth           

Visit to Auschwitz

How does one speak about peace in a place where horrors only existed. How does one allow these immense atrocities to extinguish their history and become something good. What can spiritual activists do when confronted with the disease of pain. How does new consciousness dislodge itself from the frame of pain into a new form?

This visit was a natural evolving growth. I had never wanted or been attracted to my historical past as I had thought I had moved on to a more positive plane and work in general for the higher good. I did not think it was necessary to bring my history into my work. But then one day I realized that this was the pinprick or kernel of the essence of my parents’ impulse that inspired me to do this work in the world for us as one humanity living together in peace. Now I was returning to the spot of origin for releasing and recovering and dreaming new futures.

I met a woman, via email, who is part of the GAMIP movement because she announced the Women’s Choir from Auschwitz playing outside the camp in memorial. This moved me as I had heard about the collecting of musicians in Auschwitz to play for the SS Nazis. Thus these women met me at the airport with loving open arms to embrace and support me into the darkness of the great abyss, the largest cemetery in the world. I had no idea how this would proceed but could feel the energy mounting.

We drove from Berlin to Poland.

A friend who is a film-maker discussed my upcoming visit to Auschwitz and its purpose. He thought it would be good to interview me on video. He became inspired to video the raw response of my visit and to help with a legacy piece. Who was to know that destiny was playing her game. He joined us.

We were forming a group….a seeding of sorts with deep roots into the history of Europe. The Camp was revealing its story to us. Then a man from a Japanese organization, Byakko and Goi Peace, found us. We were bonded souls as it quickly became visible that there was an inner purpose for all of this.

Many individuals and groups have been to Auschwitz to heal old wounds. We had come instead to start a Culture of Love…to call in the souls of the past to move beyond the heaviness into a sanctuary of supporting the evolution of consciousness for the new paradigm shift.

But to do this we needed to go through the eye of the needle and the dark nights of the souls. Our guide was determined for me to know every detail of horror that ever occurred on this site. She hammered away at me, running after me to tell me more and more and more. It was like bullets shooting at my mind and me attempting to deflect them. How could I stay in a LIGHTED intent hearing these atrocities. Everyone knows these stories but to walk the land that carries these is very different. Our film-maker became possessed and obsessed with filming each piece and then visioning it forward. We each were calling on our own inner strength to reveal a positive understanding of living life without fear from our pasts.

I came with hopes and dreams. I imagined bringing young people from all corners of the world not to learn about the pain but to transform a place designated by the town into an international learning center for the future: Educating for New Leadership. But I must admit as we walked through gas chambers, old barracks, the hospital for human experiments, it was hard to dream of transforming hate into love.

Our guide insisted on even taking us to places most people would never see…the disnfecting saunas, the rooms filled with holes in the ground for bathrooms and on and on…systematic dehumanizing.

The last building we came to was a beautiful exhibit set up by Yad Vashem of Israel. Our guide had worked on this exhibit…it was of families prior to their deportations…photos found of playing, skiing, picnicing families being happy. And the fatal last room where the names of the Jewish victims were listed. I was repulsed and attracted….intense feelings pulling on me. I found my grandmother right away. Her name was there. I really had never been brought up with an understanding that I even had a grandmother. I also found all my other relatives…names I had heard in the conversations…my father’s family and my mother’s. So many names listed and all part of my history. Their trauma is my trauma and how I revamped my thinking to believe and work for PEACE in all lands.

How does a peacemaker become free of her past? How do I release these cellular memories and yet have compassion and identification? How do I raise consciousness level so we are offering the opportunity for a better world? My goal is to leave this earth a better place.

Our little group is bonded together like glued from our essence and branching out. Each of us experienced something in our own beings that was separate and yet we knew the experience of UNION. This was Oneness that is so often described in words as interrelated and interdependent and unity. We were living this. Non-attachment, love and compassion. ..and these are values we wish to teach. How does one never do this again…yet it is being done worldwide?  Our duty is to establish a Culture of Peace and LOVE….rather than oppressing others to feel superior. This is what education of young people in New Leadership is designed for. Transform the self and live one’s purpose and allow each human being to be valued. We are One Humanity.

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